Diet for angina

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Angina is a common disease, which is a form of coronary heart disease (CHD). The main symptom of pathology is "squeezing" pain in the heart or behind the breastbone, which is observed on the background of a temporary mismatch between the needs of the heart muscle and blood flow. One of the important stages of treatment is diet changes – diet angina imposes certain limitations.

The basic principles of the diet

Diet is prescribed for angina, aimed at preventing the growth of cholesterol plaques obstructing the blood flow. For these purposes, a serious limitation is imposed on sources of cholesterol. To the category of harmful products include:
• Fat
• Refractory animal fats (beef, lamb)
• Cream, butter and any very greasy dairy products
• Bold the grade poultry and meat
• Any offal and sausages

the Diet also restricts caloric intake – it allows you to keep the weight under control (obesity may be one of the reasons for the progression of angina). The energy value of the menu is reduced through pastry and confectionery, sweet pastries, white bread, sugary drinks (including carbonated), ice cream, chocolate, sweet fruits.

angina is to reduce the consumption of salt – better to add some salt ready meals or use diet crack salt and herbs. If there is swelling, rate of fluid will also have to reduce.

Diet for angina

the diet of the diet must be present:
• Seafood
• Vegetable oil
• Fish
• Vegetables (a priority for the leaf varieties)
• Products based on whole grains
• Various cereals
• Diet bread (salt-free, whole wheat, rye, bran)
• Legumes (priority for soy)
• Nuts
• Lean poultry and meat (limited)
• Dairy and dairy products are low fat
• Unsweetened varieties of fruit

Priorities diet

you never know what foods should enter into the diet — observe the rules of their use.

• In the daily diet should contain vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, diet breads (it is also possible to use the pasta from durum wheat), legumes, and vegetable oils.
• 3 times per week should enter into the diet of seafood, dairy products, fish. Scientists have found that eating fatty fish (trout, herring, salmon, mackerel, sardines) reduces mortality from myocardial infarction by about a third. Unsaturated fats contained in fish reduce the risk of heart rhythm disorders, slow the growth of atherosclerotic plaques. Optimal regulation of eating fish – 500-550 g per week.
• Twice a week you're supposed to eat poultry and eggs.
• No more than once per week in the diet should be to introduce meat.


Diet for angina can really improve the patient's condition, but that does not mean that other treatment measures can be dispensed with. This is indicated not only doctors, but also people who have this disease.