Diet on baby food

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the Authorship of this technique of weight loss is attributed to French fashion designer Edie Slimane for the, and fitness trainer Tracy Anderson. However, diet on baby food has several variants, so both statements have the right to life.

Option # 1

This diet of baby food allows you to eat everything that falls into this category, including formulas for feeding babies, hot cereal and sweet fruit and creamy mashed potatoes. The only condition is compliance with calorie diet every day you can eat no more than 1000-1200 calories. So you can eat no longer than 7-10 days. Despite the fact that you can eat almost everything, you will not be able to receive the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients, as portions are minimal and totally inadequate for an adult. During the passage diet is recommended to reduce physical activity.

Option # 2

Such a diet based on baby food packaged in jars and boxes – calorie dry mix shouldn't be. Excludes high-calorie canned food containing semolina, rice, cream additives, large amounts of sugar. You can eat fruit, vegetable, meat sauce, curds, juices, and other useful baby food. This diet very easy to stick to it as you can while on vacation and in everyday work. There is no need to prepare something. Baby food that contains useful components. It has a minimal amount of salt, fat, preservatives. The plus is the variety of the range of children's dishes. Convenient that the bottles specify the exact number of calories (it makes life easier). Order children's portions don't seem to be too small, you can eat them using a coffee spoon. Diet is 1 week, loss of weight during this period of time – 4-5 kg.

Sample menu

in the Morning, eat a portion of porridge, Packed in jars (e.g., oatmeal with Apple and berries, or wheat porridge with Apple and pear). The caloric value of 100 g of such product is about 65 kcal. Please note – some cereals contain cow's milk. If you have an intolerance to this product, pick up the porridge on the water. In 1.5-2 hours to eat a portion of fruit or vegetable puree. For lunch treat yourself to a meat or fish mashed with vegetables (e.g., broccoli). Snack – baby yogurt or fruit puree (can substitute juice). Dinner – a serving of baby food from poultry meat and vegetables. The diet can be changed at their discretion – it is important to eat fractionally.

subject to this diet should also actively engage in activities permissible only gentle loads. It is extremely important to drink plenty of fluids (priority over water). Caloric intake is about 1000 kcal.

Option # 3

This diet is for only 3 days. You can eat only fruit and vegetable purees without sugar. Throughout the day you can eat 8-10 cans of 100 g need to Drink water and unsweetened green tea. Weight loss during unloading – 2-3 kg.


it is believed that diet on baby food brings only benefits, but it's not quite true. Periodically slips in portioned baby food are genetically modified foods (in particular, the information related to nestlé). If you are going to resort to diet, please go to the food selection. Diet will benefit those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract (ulcer, gastritis). With caution should resort to it in the presence of any chronic disease – diet weakens the body and raises risk of an aggravation of an existing problem. Long observance of "children's" diet can lead to failure of metabolic processes.

The correct completion of the diet

This method of weight loss does not guarantee a stable result – losing weight by 4-5 kg, you will soon find that the weight returned to previous levels. To avoid this, increase the caloric intake gradually. The first days after the diet swap dinner baby food. Try to eat as little salt and sugar. Refrain from sweets, fatty foods, smoked meat and alcohol.


Diet on baby food is rapidly carries weight, but not everyone likes. The fact that the lure usually has a fairly bland taste, is quite expensive, and saturates for long.