Diet "Ginger lemon"

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Briefly about the benefits of the components of the diet

as part of the ginger root are essential amino acids (almost entirely), essential oil, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, calcium), vitamins (a leading position is ascorbic acid). For the hot taste meets penelopedevine substance gingerol. Ginger helps speed up metabolism and rid the body of excess moisture and toxins – it "stirs up" blood. This product improves digestion, prevents the formation of toxins in the body, provides a mild laxative effect, removes excess of cholesterol, improves the immune system.

the Second important component of the diet – lemon. This citrus fruit is rich in organic acids (malic and citric) – they are known to speed up the metabolic processes in the body. In the composition of the lemon contains mineral substances (calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium), vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B3, P), flavonoids, Galaktionova acid, dietary fiber, carbohydrates.

Diet menu

Diet ginger lemon, takes 1-2 months. Weight loss little over a week takes about 1 kg of the Diet can remain the same, it is important to avoid overeating and late meals. If you want to accelerate the pace of weight loss, some reduce caloric intake by refraining from fried foods, refractory and cooking oils, simple carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, pastries). Ginger and lemon can be used in two ways.

Method # 1

Prepare a mixture of grated ginger (1 tsp) and lemon juice (3-5 drops). Take it just before meals, not drinking water.

Method # 2

Prepare the drink one of the proposed recipes. Drink it throughout the day (between meals). Daily rate – drink 1.5-2 liters (morning always start with a Cup of ginger tea).

• Recipe No. 1: in a thermos, place the chopped ginger root (length of slice is 2 cm, the amount of water – 1.5-2l). After 40 minutes, strain the drink, add lemon juice and, if desired, a little natural honey.

• Recipe # 2: blend 2 cm of ginger root and a few cloves of garlic, put it in a thermos, pour boiling water (2 l), leave to infuse (you will need at least 20 minutes). To the strained drink add the juice of a lemon.


According to the reviews, diet ginger lemon very slowly carries the weight without diet significant results can not be achieved.