Urgent diet

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Want as quickly as possible to get rid of some excess weight? Urgent diet will help you cope with the task.

Express diet for 3-7 days

a week diet you can lose 4-6 kg (over 3 days will take 1-2 kg). During the diet should drink plenty of still water. Every day you can afford to drink a Cup of tea or coffee with milk, but without sugar.

If there was a breakdown, we will have to resort to sanctions: for 10 minutes you're supposed to swing a press, twist the Hoop, jump rope (optional).

the Breakfast Options
• Toast of bran bread with a small piece of butter, Apple, banana
• Egg, soft-boiled, the toast of bran bread, a serving of yogurt
• a Couple of toasted diet bread, a banana and 1 tbsp of honey
• flour tortillas (1-2 pieces), 200 ml milk, Apple

• Main product: jacket potato (200 g)
• More products to choose from: white cabbage (200 grams); cottage cheese (100 g) ham (50 g); boiled beans (2 tbsp)

the Dinner
• Main product: pasta from durum wheat (100g)
• Additional products (choice of): shrimp with tomatoes and garlic (100 g); boiled chicken, seasoned with lemon juice and mushroom sauce (50 g); ham (50 g) and tomato

Dessert (one product for selection):
• Banana (1 piece)
• Apples (2 PCs)
• Pear (1 PC.)
• a Glass of dry wine (150 ml)

as snacking is recommended to include in the diet of raw fruits and vegetables: cucumbers, peppers, apples, tomatoes, beans. You can prepare salads, seasoning 1 tbsp of yoghurt, lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar and adding spices.

Urgent protein diet for 2-3 days

This method severely limits weight loss as the caloric intake and the variety of products. Weight loss is 2-4 kg.

• Breakfast: egg (it needs to be cooked or boiled in a bag)
• Second Breakfast (3 hours): unsweetened tea and 150 g low-fat cottage cheese
• Lunch (3 hours): unsweetened tea and 150 g low-fat cottage cheese

After dinner, eat nothing, only drink still water.

Express protein-low carbohydrate diet for 1 to 3 days

3 days 2-3 kg.

• Breakfast: 150 ml of water, 1 tbsp honey, the juice of a lemon (make a drink)
• Second Breakfast: a Cup of coffee without sugar.
• Lunch: 80-100 g of boiled turkeys, and 300-500 grams of fresh vegetables
• Dinner: a decoction of cabbage – it should be sipped, stretching for 30-40 minutes (to prepare a decoction, use 150 g of cabbage and 150 ml of water)
• Before bed: 200 ml of low-fat yogurt


Urgent diet for weight loss not suitable for those who wish to achieve a stable result – weight after the passage of such "speed techniques" quickly returns to the previous level. Whether it is necessary to resort to them, but you decide.