The most effective diet in the world

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The Finnish diet

This method has offered the world the Finnish nutritionists. It too does not provide quick results, but can carry more than 20 pounds overweight. Captivating is that the following meal plan ensures the supply of right amount of nutrients, and in addition, also generates the correct food behavior. Such a diet provides health benefits.

the Main principle of the diet is the conventional division of the plate into 3 parts. Half of the plate should be dedicated to vegetables (fresh, boiled, stewed) with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil. The other half of the plate is divided in half: part 1 is filled with side dish (cereals, pasta from wheat flour, etc.), part 2 reserved for lean protein foods.

Tibetan diet

Following this diet need to give up animal fats and meat – 1-2 weeks will have to eat food of plant origin and low-fat protein foods. Lunch needs to contain fish and seafood. Dinner is based on cereals and dairy products. As snacks are nuts, seeds, dried fruits, freshly prepared juices. Daily calorie intake: 1200-1300 kcal. Throughout the day you need to drink 2 liters of free fluid.

American diet

This method of weight loss has credited the Hollywood actor – allegedly, many of them successfully lose weight, resorting to following the nutrition plan. The duration of this diet is 1-2 weeks.

fall Under the ban:
• Sweets
• Alcoholic beverages
• Flour
• Sweet fruit
• Starchy vegetables

every day you must drink at least 2 liters of unsweetened fluids (advantage for drinking water). Instead of a nutritious Breakfast is recommended just to drink a Cup of unsweetened green tea and eat half of a small grapefruit.

Menu the most effective diet in the world for a week:

• Lunch: fresh tomato, organic coffee, soft-boiled or in the pouch of the egg
• Dinner: soft-boiled or in a bag egg, lettuce, grapefruit

• Dinner: soft-boiled or in a bag egg, black coffee, grapefruit
• Dinner: beef, boiled, black coffee, fresh cucumber

• Dinner: stewed or steamed spinach, egg and fresh tomato
• Dinner: veal boiled, black coffee, fresh cucumber

• Lunch: lettuce, grapefruit, black coffee
• Dinner: stewed or steamed spinach, black tea, low-fat cottage cheese, soft-boiled egg

• Lunch: braised or steamed spinach, black coffee soft-boiled egg
• Dinner: lettuce, black coffee, cooked on the grill lean fish

• Lunch: precast fruit salad no dressing
• Dinner: beef, boiled, green tea, cucumber

• Dinner: chicken cooked on the grill, black tea
• Dinner: precast fruit salad no dressing


As already mentioned, any of popular diets may not be effective 100 percent. Very much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.