The most rigid and effective diet

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the Most rigid and effective diet can hardly be considered a smart choice. Rapidly losing weight, you risk to quickly regain lost pounds. If that doesn't scare you, offer the following recommendations for food.


First of all, please note that strict diets are a number of contraindications. These include:
• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs
• Problems with metabolism.
• diabetes
• breakdown

In fact, the "rigid method" is suitable only committed to healthy people. As a rigid diet limits the range of useful items during its passage it is necessary to take vitamin complex. It is highly desirable to exercise – it promotes more rapid fat burning and allows you to maintain muscle tone. To eat or to drink fluids to small intervals and small portions.

Drinking diet

One of the most effective diets is drinking. When passing would have to abandon any solid food – need to drink only one liquid: water, juices, milk, milk drinks, low-fat soups, herbal, fruit, vegetable broths, unsweetened teas.

more stringent option is water fasting (allowed to drink water or water with Apple cider vinegar). Slightly less rigid version of the diet offers 2-3 times a day to make snacks that include (optional) some nuts, a handful of dried fruit or bitter dark chocolate.

the Duration of such a diet is individual (from a few days up to 4 weeks). The first days of the diet cause serious difficulties – it is difficult to rebuild the body at use of one only liquids. A few days later the feeling of hunger blunted.

Hard mono-diet

This diet is divided into 3 stages, each of which involves monotonous diet.

• a Stage 1 (it is designed for 3 days): water (2.5 l), honey (3 tsp), porridge rice (1 tbsp. dry cereal)

in the evening Rump washed, pour cold water in the morning again washed, boiled without salt for a quarter of an hour (the proportion of cereals and water 1:2). All the normal cereals partitioned into 5-6 pieces and eat throughout the day.

• Stage 2 (3 days): protein food (boiled chicken – 1.2 kg or fish – 800 g), water (2.5 l), honey (3 tsp.)

Cooked chicken free from skin, meat assort white and red, mix, dispense 5-6 servings (fish release from the bones and divide into portions). Before Breakfast drink a glass of water. Fish and meat can be alternated by day, but one day they cannot be combined.

• Step No. 3: 1 kg of vegetables (in priority green variety), water (2.5 l), honey (3 tsp.)

Half of the rate of vegetables is to boil or steam, and the second is to eat a salad (for example, you can make a salad a brush). Cooked vegetables and salad alternate throughout the day (you should get 5-6 servings).

Salad recipe

the Peeled and washed vegetables (raw beets, carrots, cabbage, herbs) are ground (rubbed or cut). Salad mix and fill with mixture of 1 tbsp water, 1 tsp of olive oil and lemon juice.


a strict diet is not the best way appears on health is confirmed by the reviews of this extreme method of weight loss.