Diet Larisa Guzeeva

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Larisa Guzeeva is a popular actress and TV presenter. Last year she said about his desire to lose weight and participated in the project "lose Weight with StarHit". Did our heroine to keep the promise and is there a diet Larisa Guzeeva?

Causes of excess weight

Guzeeva admits that her figure is not perfect – felt sensory overload at work and "sticking" problems. Our heroine loves sweets and pastries, but the sport is experiencing the opposite feelings (just like dieting).

After 40 years Guzeeva gave birth to a daughter, the problem of excess weight has become especially noticeable is the figure of our heroine noticeably rounded. As an actress, she could not worry about such things. Own will power for weight loss is not enough, which pushed her to participate in the project.

Weight loss secrets

the Project started in August 2013 – from now Guzeeva seriously for myself and took even began to be engaged in fitness under the guidance of coach of the project Davyd tuhtaeva. Also, the actress was fond of stretching (stretching).

the Diet of Larissa Guzeeva has taken control of the project nutritionist Alex Kovalkov. He was pleased with the success of his ward and even said she was inclined to raise the bar. Under the beneficent influence of the trainer and the nutritionist, an actress decided to get rid of bad habits – Smoking.

At the beginning of the project Guzeeva weight was 73 kg (height actress – 168 cm). The first day took 3 kg and the actress decided not to stop on achieved results.

Recommendations diet

Menu for project participants was developed based on their individual performance, so it is not known to a wider circle of people. At the same time, voiced the General characteristics of the diet.

Guzeeva was recommended to refuse the carbs, not only from "fast" contained in the sweets, but some of the "slow" present in the cereals and sweet fruits. During weight loss the basis of the diet of our heroine was lean protein foods.

A sample diet diet Guzeeva

• Breakfast: green Apple, bran, egg whites (boiled or steam omelets)
• Lunch: boiled or steamed chicken fillet, lettuce, leafy vegetables
• Snack: green Apple or some pine nuts
• Dinner: chicken or fish in boiled or steam form, green vegetables
• throughout the day: not less than 2 liters of unsweetened fluids

Once a week, the nutritionist allowed Guzeeva to eat something delicious and not too useful for figures (to avoid disruption due to severe restrictions).

the Project was completed in September 2013. For 2 months diet Guzeeva lost 9 kg, the plan remains to lose another 10 kg. Seeing the dedication of the actress, there is no doubt that it will reach the goal.


the Recommendations given Guzeeva dietician project contributes to a stable and burning fat. According to this principle built many diets.