Diet obesity 3 degrees

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Obesity is characterized by excessive deposition of fat in tissues, organs and in subcutaneous tissue. Diet with obesity grade 3 involves severe restrictions.

Helpful information

Obesity of the third degree causes severe physical discomfort and also leads to the development of sexual disorders and to the emergence of diseases of joints and spine.

According to the classification of obesity proposed by the who, body mass index (BMI) is determined by dividing body weight (kg) height (m), expressed in square. The third degree of obesity is diagnosed when BMI exceeds 40.

Key recommendations

Optimum energy value of daily food rations is determined individually taking into account factors such as gender, age, intensity of stress.

After calculating individual calorie diet it should be reduced by a certain value. This will allow you to gradually reduce the body weight. Ideally, the correct method of weight loss should offer the health nutrition specialist.

the Diet should remain balanced. Reduced caloric content is achieved by cutting the share of "fast" carbohydrates and animal fat.

fall Under the ban:
• Pastries
• Sweets and sugary drinks
• ice cream
• Sweet fruits (bananas, etc.)
• Honey
• Pastries

it is Necessary to limit consumption of white bread, polished rice, sago, semolina, pasta, potatoes.

Sources of carbohydrates are:
• Dietary kinds of bread (made of wheat flour, bran, etc.)
• Some cereals (buckwheat, oats, etc.)
• Legumes and non-starchy vegetables
• Not very sweet fruits and berries

Sugar should be excluded, and to replace it with slastilin, saccharin, xylitol, sorbitol. The use of salt significantly limits (the maximum rate of 5-7 grams per day). Pickles and canned food is completely contraindicated.

Excludes products that enhance appetite (meats, spicy sauces and condiments). The rate of fluid is determined individually. Most often it is limited to 1-1,2 l per day. It is recommended to eat little and often (up to 6 times per day).

the Chemical composition of food:
• Fats – 50-60 g
• Proteins – 60-70 g
• Carbohydrates – 100 grams

Daily diet diet

• low fat milk drinks or milk – 300 ml
• Lean meats and fish is 100-150 g
• Fresh cheese low fat – 100 g
• butter – not more than 15 g
• Eggs – 1 PC.
• Vegetables (except potatoes) – 300 g
• Potatoes – 150 g
• Fruits – 200 g

Once a week is necessary to arrange the unloading of dairy products, apples, non-starchy vegetables.


Diet obesity 3 degrees provides a slow but steady weight loss. When a large excess weight to deal with the problem is under the supervision of a specialist (he will offer an optimal level of physical activity).