Diet Of Aphrodite

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This method of weight loss has several variants. Diet of Aphrodite can be devoted to seafood and goat cheese (promote second technique contributed to the notorious Anastasia Stotskaya).

"Marine" diet

This variant of the diet of Aphrodite dedicated to seafood. It attracts the right mix of nutrients. In the diet protein is present, which is a generator of valuable amino acids necessary for building new cells and tissues. Seafood provide us with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6). The average duration of this diet – 7 days weight loss is 3-5 kg.

Sample menu

in the Morning, drink a Cup of warm water with lemon juice. For Breakfast, prepare a light salad of cucumber, tomato, Bulgarian pepper, greens, green beans. Season the salad with vegetable oil and lemon juice. You can eat a slice of corn bread. After some time, drink a Cup of green tea or diluted juice. Dining meal consists of salad – cook it shrimp, mussels, squid, sea cabbage. Side dish serve steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans – 1 kind or assorted). 2 hours can enjoy a glass of dry red wine and eating 50 g of cheese. Dinner will have to eat before 18.00 – in the diet may include a portion of boiled sea fish, some olives and a green salad. As seasonings it is recommended to use thyme, oregano, rosemary, Basil.

The Aphrodite diet: goat's cheese and cucumbers

the Appearance of this diet contributed to Anastasia Stotskaya. Strongly recovering, she made a bet with my husband that I can just a month to lose 10 kg of excess weight. According to rumors, the prize for winning was to be a new machine. Being in this period in Greece, Stotsky took advantage of the local diet of Aphrodite. Throughout the month our heroine could only eat fresh cucumbers, goat cheese and lean cereals (buckwheat, oats). Beauty drank a lot of water and green tea. She refused sugar and sweets. The precise menu and the quantity of food consumed Stotsky did not disclose. If you wish to follow the example of the stars, you can use the following salad recipe. In this embodiment, the Aphrodite diet with goat cheese and cucumber will take a month and just a week or two.

Salad recipe

To prepare the salad, use 300 g fresh cucumbers (not clean them). Also you'll need goat cheese (120 g). Don't forget about the greens – you'll appreciate the green onion and sprigs of parsley. Additional ingredient (can not use) – low-fat cottage cheese (3 teaspoons). As a dressing use olive oil (2 tsp) and lemon juice (4 tsp) – mix both ingredients. Slice washed cucumbers, add the cottage cheese (if you plan to use it), chopped herbs, and season. Put the cucumber mixture on a plate, on top, spread the diced cheese, pour over the dressing.

Caloric content of the salad prepared with the above amounts of the ingredients does not exceed 450-500 kcal. In addition, eat 1-2 servings of cereal. Drink several cups of green tea. Be sure to drink water. If you wish, you can make a salad and eat cheese and cucumbers separately from each other (the choice is yours). Food must be fractional (organize 4-5 meals).


Adherence to any diet is contraindicated in presence of Allergy to components menu. It is not necessary to stick to a diet if you have kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system.


Diet of Aphrodite and in fact, and in another embodiment has a positive feedback, but the menu includes seafood, much more useful.