Diet Lydia Ionova

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Principles of the diet

Lydia ionov believes that the problem of excess weight can only be addressed using an integrated approach. Not severely restrict caloric intake, is also crucial to keep an appropriate balance of nutrients. It is necessary to form correct eating behavior — without it, to achieve a stable result is simply impossible. In addition to the weight loss worth to ponder the question of preservation of the obtained results.

power scheme in the ion involves eating foods with a glycemic index below 50. Such a diet will not only lose weight, but also significantly improve the condition. The nutrition plan helps to normalize blood sugar levels and prevents its sharp swings. A diet can normalize blood pressure and improve performance.

Diet diet

Ionova divides foods into 7 groups.

• Group 1: cereals

These products need to eat from 6.00 to 11.00. Please note — for Breakfast you can not eat flour products.

• Group # 2: vegetables

Vegetables are recommended to eat from 19.00 to 23.00. The deletion will have potatoes, beets, corn.

• Group # 3: fruit

Fruit is consumed in the period from 17.00 to 19.00. Excludes mango and watermelon.

• Group # 4: meats and seafood

Protein foods this kind is used from 11.00 to 14.00. It is permissible to use any cooking method except frying.

• Group # 5: milk and milk products

Dairy products are presented in wide assortment – they Ionova offers to enter into the diet in the period from 14.00 to 17.00.

• Group # 6: fat-containing products with a low percentage of cholesterol.

high-Fat foods permissible to enter into the diet only 1 time a day, but in convenient time.

• Group # 7: drinks

the rate of liquid ions is proposed to identify individually (at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight).

Sample menu diet

Option # 1
• Breakfast: 200 ml of liquid and porridge seasoned with butter
• lunch: steamed fish
• Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese, 200 ml of skim milk
• Dinner: oranges and apples — 2 PCs.
• Snack before going to bed: raw carrots (you can RUB it on a grater and sweetened with fructose)

Option # 2
• Breakfast: oatmeal and water
• lunch: steamed or boiled chicken and water
• Lunch: low-fat yogurt
• Dinner: salad made from tomatoes (can fill 0.5 tsp vegetable oil)


Reviews on the diet Lydia Ionova showed its high efficiency. At the same time, many dieters mention that to withstand such a diet is difficult.