Diet Yulia Kuvarzina

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Diet Julia Kuvarzina causes the active interest, the actress managed to lose more than 20 pounds overweight. What measures help to lose weight charismatic heroine of the series?

Brief background

Yulia Kuvarzina long enough not even thought about the question of losing weight, its popularity owes not only its natural charm, but also a lush figure. On top of that our heroine's husband did not blame your spouse – in the end, happiness in personal life is not based on waist size.

After giving birth and breastfeeding my daughter Lisa Julia even gained weight. In the end, the problem has acquired menacing character – with growth of 165 cm Kuvarzina was weighing 90 kg, the first difficulty. One day, riding with my daughter on ledyanka, our heroine suddenly realized how "big" she was and how little room is left the baby on the Board. She was terrified that inadvertently may harm her daughter. This prompted the actress to take decisive action.

Weight loss secrets of Julia Kuvarzina

Never before Yulia did not resort to rigid diets. In order not to harm their health, she sought help from a professional – a dietitian Margarita Koroleva. Also, the actress purchased a subscription to the gym was a swimming pool, massage and a sauna.

the Queen gave his patient the maximum attention – their first conversation lasted several hours. Julia was afraid that will be very hard to limit themselves in food. Fortunately, the proposed the Queen of the diet was quite gentle and very effective.

the Queen spent with the actress a few conversations, in which was elaborated the question of motivation. The nutritionist helped Yulia to identify and realize their own mistakes, as well as set true desires.

As a nominated actress diet is strictly individual in nature, the exact menu has not been disclosed, but the General principles are known. During the diet she ate fractionally with an interval of 2-3 hours. Weight portions of food does not exceed 250 g. this Morning she ate 1 tbsp of olive oil. The actress had dinner before 19.00 – after that she drank only water. Kuvarzina liquid consumed 30 minutes before a meal and some time after the meal (to wash down a meal Queen, she was forbidden). Daily amount of free fluid was 2-2.5 L.

All food is prepared by boiling in water or steamed (also Yulia was allowed to eat baked foods, but the fried food was completely excluded).

the Main inconvenience was the complete rejection of salt and the flour (it is permissible to enter into the diet of just rye toast and diet bread). Also Kuvarzina diet eliminates sugar and alcohol. Sweet was allowed to use only 3 teaspoons of honey a day. Occasionally Yulia was allowed to treat yourself to a slice of bitter dark chocolate.

the basis of the diet of the actress were vegetables, fruits, lean protein foods (lean meats and fish, egg whites, low-fat dairy products). Besides water were allowed to drink green and herbal tea (coffee and black tea have been banned). Once a week Julia had to unload the mess of brown rice or kefir okroshka.


Practice shows that adhering to the above recommendations Kuvarzina Julia do to solve the problem of excess weight. It is very important to calculate your optimum caloric intake (in this special formula help).