Diet for endometriosis

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Why you need a diet?

the Main purpose of the diet is the normalization of hormonal levels by reducing estrogen level – the hormone that promotes development of negative changes. Also diet helps to control weight – it is impossible to prevent the accumulation of estrogen in adipose tissue.

Rational nutrition plan allows you to cleanse the body, increase its resistance, normalize hormones.

Nutrition for endometriosis

Diet for endometriosis should include omega-3 fatty acids, which participate in many important metabolic processes in the body. Essential fatty acids found in foods such as:
• Fatty fish and fish oil
• Walnuts and walnut oil
• pumpkin Seeds
• Vegetable oil

in this disease is very helpful to eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables.

Saturated and hydrogenated fats from the diet should completely eliminate. Subject to limitation and butter.

to Reduce the unpleasant symptoms of endometriosis help foods rich in fiber. Dietary fiber reduce the amount of estrogen in the female body. They kept in trubna bread, unrefined cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs. A lot of fiber in legumes. Useful on a daily basis to enter into the diet of green vegetables, different types of cabbage.

improving the function of the gastrointestinal tract contribute dairy products low fat. Excrete harmful elements allows unsweetened and non-carbonated fluid: water (mineral, diner), natural juices, fruit drinks, green tea, juice.

the Exception are:
• Cakes, pastries, pastries made with white flour (phytic acid present in them aggravates the symptoms of endometriosis)
• Red meats (meat may contain growth hormones)
• Refined sugar (it creates an acidic environment in the body that can aggravate the symptoms of endometriosis)
• Caffeine (it increases stomach cramps and can affect estrogen levels)
• Fried foods
• Soy foods (they affect hormone levels)
• Semi-finished products (they are composed of harmful additives)
• Alcohol (alcohol affects liver function, and she is responsible for the excretion of excess estrogen from the body)


Endometriosis is a disease that is very difficult to get rid of. Diet, supplemented by therapeutic measures, reduces the severity of symptoms.