Anti-aging diet

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The basic principles of the diet

In order to rejuvenate the body, nutritionists suggest reducing the number of calories consumed (the rate is determined individually, using formulas).

the diet should contain foods that provide the body with substances-antioxidants – they neutralize free radicals that promote disease and aging. The diet should provide the vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal function of internal organs and for skin regeneration.

power Mode – fractional (up to 6 times per day). Dense snacking before bed is completely contraindicated. In order to cleanse the body and improve skin elasticity it is necessary to strengthen the water (it is recommended to drink 2-3 litres of fluid a day).

The range of products

Substances-antioxidants are contained primarily in plant foods, namely fruits and vegetables orange, red and blue. It is useful to enter into the diet of tomatoes, eggplant, black, red and mottled beans, blueberries, red and black currants, raspberries, prunes, cranberries, etc.

you Must ensure the intake of vitamin D – he is responsible for the absorption of calcium, which is needed for our muscles, bones, teeth. It is present in egg yolk, fatty fish and in fish liver and animals. To improve bowel function should enter into the diet of brown rice, seeds, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruit.

omega-3 acids increase the life of the cells whereby they contribute to slowing the aging process. You can get them, introducing in the diet of fish oil or fatty fish, avocado, vegetable oil, nuts, pumpkin seeds, soybeans.

Meat should be consumed in moderation (2-3 servings per week). Animal protein is better to by eating eggs, milk and milk products. In the diet anti-aging diet should be present all kinds of porridge. Most useful oats, buckwheat, brown rice.

Healthy recipes

Swiss dietician Bihner-Bonner offers to pay attention to recipes rejuvenating the body dishes.

Food based on cereals and nuts

• rolled Oats – 2 tbsp
• Chopped walnuts — 1/3 Cup
• Lemon – 1/2 PCs.

Oatmeal is first soaked in water. When they swell, add more water to form a slurry (no cooking required). In the resulting mass enter the nuts and lemon juice.

Dish based on apples and honey

• the Grated apples – 3 PCs.
• Soaked Hercules – 2 tbsp
• sour Cream – 1 tbsp
• Honey – 1 tbsp

mix All ingredients, eat immediately.


According to reviews, anti-aging diet provides a positive result only in case, if observed on a regular basis.