Diet one plate

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"a dish" method of weight loss is interesting because it allows you to lose weight by eating is quite diverse. What is the diet one plate, if it helps correct the shape?

Option # 1 (distribution of food on the plate)

This diet allows you to comply with medical regulations dictating the ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Because the share of starchy foods is the biggest, it is recommended to allocate to it a greater part of the plate (the middle plate for the second course). So half of the dish is the vegetables – they are a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates. The fourth part of the square plate is a garnish, and the rest will belong to the protein food of animal origin. She will give us a certain amount of fat contained in meat, fish, seafood.

In any form is to eat vegetables and fruits? Nutritionists recommend most of them to eat fresh and with the skin (if edible). Veggies can be subjected to heat treatment (roasting in fat are excluded, but other methods are available). The salad is allowed to fill with oil. The vegetables can be replaced with fruit.

Garnish considered various cereals, pasta from durum wheat, potatoes. Many dieters mind the pasta, which is completely unjustified. The fact that durum wheat is provide us with complex carbohydrates – they long absorbed by the body. Moreover, in the fourth part of the dish was placed 150 g of the finished product, which is quite a bit of damage to the figure brings. Garnish should not be supplemented with fatty components. The only exception is a small piece of butter – you can add it to the finished dish.

the Normal protein products 120 grams per day. At a specified rate includes solid food, but milk and yogurt do not count (but there should be very little — 1-2 tbsp.). Diet imposes a ban on sweets and sugar. Food can moderate salt, but oversalt absolutely excluded. Should not be consumed hot spices – they increase appetite.

the Frequency of meals – 4 times a day. It is impossible to make big breaks between meals throughout the day. The maximum limit is 4 hours. Throughout the month you can easily lose 3-4 kg. This technique is quite compatible with the sport – regular practice will improve its effectiveness. Diet has a lot of advantages – it is a balanced diet, lack of contraindications, the use of the foods, the ability to cook different dishes according to your taste.

Option # 2 (dish size)

the Second version of "the China diet" limits the size of the portions. During its passage you will eat from plates, the diameter of which does not exceed 10 cm. the Food should not fall out of the plates do not slide of the products. Allowed to eat any diet food, you can occasionally afford, and not the diet products, placing them on a plate (for example, you can eat a little chocolate or a small cookie). The diet should be balanced – the body needs all the nutrition elements. Would have excluded only the most junk food (fast food, processed foods, etc.). Because the portions will be small, skip meals is not recommended (otherwise the appetite will be not a joke). To complement meals, fermented beverages (low-fat or low fat) – in a saucer to pour is not necessary. The total rate of fluid for the whole day is calculated individually (40 ml/1 kg of body weight). Diet you can devote 1-2 weeks. Weight loss individual (from 3 kg and more).


Diet is one dish in any of the options helps to adjust the shape, but the first meal plan has a more gentle effect on the body – hard cutting portion size not all happy.