Diet for diseases of the joints

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Arthritis, osteochondrosis, polyarthritis, periarthritis and arthritis today are not uncommon. Diet in diseases of the joints, cleanses the body, reduces symptoms and enhances the effectiveness of medical treatment.

Diet for inflammatory diseases of the joints

the background of the development of the inflammatory process there is an accumulation of harmful metabolic products. In order of their removal, the patient is recommended to strengthen the drinking regime. If the patient has difficulty with removal of fluid, the doctor prescribes diuretics, fruit drinks and herbal teas corresponding action.

inflammation of the joints, the diet should be raw vegetables (you can not eat cabbage, onions, peppers and tomatoes). We recommend that you remove the spices.

you Can eat fruit, but it is worth considering that some of them can negate the effect of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (not recommended to eat sour and unripe fruits, drinking citrus juice).

the basis of the diet should be easily digestible and protein-rich food. Should not eat lamb, pork and beef – the priority of the rabbit, chicken, fish.

Dairy products have to enter the menu of the patients. Welcome cheese, fresh cheese, fermented milk drinks, but from the whole milk should be abandoned.

Diet degenerative diseases of the joints

degenerative joint disease is recommended to monitor caloric intake is to reduce and reduce soreness.

lower Calories due to the fats and fast carbs, you will have to eliminate sweets, confectionery, pastry, refractory fats of animal origin.

the basis of the diet should be fresh, steamed or braised vegetables. It is useful to eat carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, avocado, greens, leafy vegetables.

From the rich assortment of fruits recommended for use, preferably kiwi, bananas and apples (fresh and baked).

it is Permissible to eat meat and fish (3-4 times a week), and dairy products. It should be remembered – in the acute phase of the meat is better to refuse. Every 2 days during exacerbation it is possible to arrange the unloading of dairy products or fruits.

Benefits of almonds, pine nuts, muesli, dried fruit (in small quantities). The consumption of salt is reduced to a minimum (it is better to salt the finished dish).

Liquid diet (unless contraindicated) should be abundant (up to 3 liters per day). To drink is mineral water without gas (any version should recommend a doctor), fruit drinks, fruit drinks, teas. The fluid is useful to use before eating and after some time thereafter.


Diet in diseases of the joints depends on the type of pathology and its severity. Practice shows that the therapeutic diet brings substantial relief.