Magnesium diet

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Who prescribed magnesium diet?

Magnesium is an element involved in nearly all metabolic processes occurring in the body. Magnesium is involved in glucose uptake, protein synthesis, energy production, nerve signal transmission, maintaining the structure of bone tissue, regulation of tension and relaxation of muscle tissue and blood vessels.

Magnesium provides anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic factor, promotes the production of antibodies, normalizes blood clotting, regulates the bladder, bowel, and prostate.

Magnesium diet is prescribed:
— hypertension;
— atherosclerosis;
— in case of cholecystitis;
— cholelithiasis;
— the tendency to constipation;
— obesity.

Recommendations and diet menu

Diet bans foods such as:
• salt
• Alcohol in any form
• extractives

Each of the following rations should be adhered to consistently, giving them 3-4 days. The allowance of magnesium is 0.8-1.2 g. the portion Size of entrees: 250 g

Ration No. 1

Protein — 40g carbs — 150 g, fat — 50 g. Calories: 1200 kcal.

• Breakfast: tea with lemon, porridge made of buckwheat with wheat or rye bran
• lunch: salad made of grated raw carrots with vegetable oil (100 g/ 5 ml)
• Lunch: a decoction of rosehip soup, cooked with the decoction of bran, millet porridge with dried apricots
• Snack: apricot juice – 0.5 PT.
• Dinner: tea with lemon, souffle with cheese (150 g)
• Before sleep: a decoction of rose hips (0.5 tbsp.)

Ration No. 2

Protein — 65 g, carbohydrates 85 g, fat — 55 g Calories: 1700 kcal.

• Breakfast: tea with lemon, porridge oats, cooked in milk
• lunch: 50 g, soaked in water, prunes
• Lunch: soup, cooked with the decoction of bran, 50 g of boiled meat, braised beets, Apple
• Snack: a decoction of rose hips (0.5 tbsp.) carrot and Apple salad (100g)
• Dinner: tea and krupenik of buckwheat and cottage cheese
• Before bed: carrot juice (0.5 tbsp.)
• all day: 125 g of bran bread

Ration No. 3

Protein — 85 g, carbohydrates — 350 g, fat – 80 g. Calories: 2500 kcal.

• Breakfast: tea with lemon, a salad of shredded carrots (150 g), porridge from millet cooked in milk
the Second Breakfast: 100 g dried apricots, soaked in water, and the decoction of wheat bran (0.5 tbsp.)
• Lunch: broth hips (1 tbsp.), soup with oatmeal broth with vegetables, 85 g of boiled chicken meat and cabbage meatballs
• Snack: Apple
• Dinner: soufflé of curd, carrot-Apple cakes and tea (1 tbsp.)
• Before sleep: tomato juice (0.5 tbsp.)
• all day: 30 g sugar and 250 g of bran bread


Magnesium diet stimulates peristalsis, promotes weight loss, improves liver and cardiovascular system. Assign it to needs the doctor.