Sports diet for men

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Key recommendations

One of the main recommendations of the diet is eating throughout the day a sufficient amount of liquid. Bracer cleanses the body of metabolic products, promotes proper carbohydrate and protein digestion, normalizes metabolism. To restore the acid-alkaline balance allow alkaline water and milk.

the normalization of water-salt metabolism and increase the effectiveness of the training contribute to the nutrient solutions. You can cook yourself or buy in the shop.

To prepare the solution is to mix 200 ml of purified water, 50 g of glucose, 40 ml of fresh juice, 0.5 g ascorbic acid, citric acid, 1 g sodium chloride, 2 g sodium phosphate.

In the diet of athletes should be present foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: fatty fish, avocado, vegetable oil. It is useful to eat nuts and seeds (in limited quantities).

Build muscle contributes to the shock dose of protein (per kilogram of body weight should be at least 2 g protein). Each of the meals need to include protein foods. The priority eggs, dairy products, meat, fish.

Source of energy should be complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index: beans, cereals (oats, buckwheat, etc.), berries, vegetables, fruits.

"Slow" carbohydrates are not consumed immediately after eating — they are long enough. Starchy food should be present not only during Breakfast, but also before and after exercise (in the complex with the protein).

to the abundance of protein did not lead to constipation, athletes are advised to eat fiber in the form of food supplements (up to 35 g/day). Improves the body's vitamin-mineral complex that includes ascorbic acid, tocopherol, potassium, sodium, calcium.

athletes are advised to eat fractional (up to 6-7 times a day). Before Breakfast (to accelerate metabolism) is to perform a series of exercises without weights. After intensive strength training is contraindicated to eat foods containing gelatin.

Sample menu athletes involved in athletics

• Breakfast: oatmeal, with cream cheese, warm milk and corn muffin
• Second Breakfast: boiled eggs, toast, tea
• Lunch: serving of soup, bread, vegetable dish, a piece of meat, broth hips
• Snack: bread with jam, tea, any fruit
• Dinner: porridge, a piece of fish, milk
• Before bedtime: milk drink

Sample menu athletes involved in weightlifting

• the First Breakfast: eggs in any form, porridge with oil, vegetables and tea (optional – 1 tbsp flax oil)
• lunch: chicken, mashed potatoes, fruit and a decoction of rose hips (optional – 1 tbsp vegetable oil)
• Lunch: fish, porridge, juice, orange
• Snack: serving of beef liver, vegetable salad, a slice of bread from sprouted grains
• Dinner: boiled shrimps with lemon juice, vegetable dish, a handful of raisins, juice
• Optional dinner: cheese

In terms of the distribution of calories in protein foods should account for 25% of their daily norms, in the fat — 10-15% carbohydrates — 60-65%.


As practice shows, the best result provides a customized diet that takes into account all the important points (the intensity of training, age of athlete, etc.). If possible, refer to a specialist in the field of sports nutrition.