Keto diet

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the Keto diet is based on significant cuts in the proportion of carbohydrates. It is the lack of our main "fuel" in the body starts burning mechanism of fat.

Classical keto diet

the basis of the diet are fats and proteins (and the priority of the first). The meal plan was developed to treat children with epilepsy.

How does diet affect the human body? Normally, the carbohydrates doing with food are transformed into glucose to power the brain. If there is a shortage of carbohydrates, the course is fat.

the Body breaks it down into fatty acids and ketone bodies – these will replace the glucose (used as energy source and to recharge the brain). According to the observations of physicians, increased level of ketones in the blood reduces the risk of seizures.

Diet provides protein in an amount sufficient for the growth and regeneration of the developing organism. So the weight was not reduced as observed, the optimal energy value of the diet (taking into account the age of the child).

the Classic diet combines fats and proteins in the ratio of 4:1. From the diet excludes foods that contain large amounts of carbohydrates:
• Sweet fruit
• Starchy vegetables
• Bread and pasta
• Cereals
• Sugar and foods containing it

In the first position are foods rich in fats: all kinds of oil, cheese, fatty dairy products.

Variations of the keto diet

Today, keto diet called almost any eating plan, to cut the proportion of carbohydrates (where the rate of consumption does not exceed 100 g/day). Some diets reduce this level to 30-50 g/day. The ratio of fats and proteins can be different – some techniques include the predominance of the first, but more often in priority are lean protein.

These diets are ideally suited to athletes, aspiring and "dry" body and increase muscle mass.

The pros and cons

the Advantage of this diet is the lack of need for strict control of calorie intake. Overeating is definitely not worth it, but to calculate the energy value of each eaten a piece of no need. Strictly counting only the carbs.

Protein and fatty foods quickly saturates and allows you to keep this feeling for a long time. That is to withstand the diet to the end is not so difficult. Another positive point of this technique is a stable result (provided that carbohydrate food will continue to be subject to control).

This method is not without drawbacks. During the diet there are difficulties with digestion – this issue occurs on the background of the lack of fiber (vegetables and fruits are consumed in minimal quantity since contains carbohydrates).

If you do not want to have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, such as bloating, constipation, nausea, insert in the diet fiber in Supplement form, and eat green leafy vegetables (they contain few carbohydrates).

Another important drawback of the keto diet – the deterioration of health at the time of her passing. Despite the fact that ketone substances take on the role of glucose, they are not the same readily available source of energy for the operation of our brain (the body needs time to adjust to a new mode of operation). Be prepared for the fact that at first you will experience weakness, absent-mindedness, headaches.

does Not bring the body to the benefits and deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. Protein and fatty foods do not contain them in the right amount, so be sure to take vitamin-mineral complex.


Keto diet, according to many nutritionists, it is very effective, both in terms of the treatment of epilepsy, and in terms of getting rid of obesity. Unfortunately, in the presence of chronic diseases of any version of it can harm – always consult your doctor on this issue.