Diet in Crohn's disease

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Crohn's Disease is a chronic bowel disease to get rid of that, unfortunately, impossible. Diet in Crohn's disease, supplemented by therapeutic measures will reduce the severity of symptoms.

Key recommendations

Diet in this disease, at first, imposes serious limitations. As improving the range of dishes and products can be gradually expanded.

the Diet spares the gastrointestinal tract – this contributes to the exclusion of chemical, thermal and mechanical factors of food, irritating the mucous membrane.

Diet during exacerbation of the disease

Acute period of the disease is often accompanied by diarrhea. At this stage, doctors recommend patients to follow a strict, but short-term diets. 1-2 days should completely eliminate from the diet any solid food.

the rate of fluid is 1.5-2 l. It should spread evenly over the whole day – drinking is slowly (100 ml). If there is a strong feeling of hunger, it is possible to add to the diet a couple of wheat crackers (soaked in liquid).

we recommend that you Drink (your choice):
• Not very sweet, hot, strong brewed tea with lemon
• fresh juice, diluted with boiled water (1:1)
• Infusion or decoction of rose hips
• three-day yogurt
• Acidophilus milk

If the patient is experiencing bouts of famine, it is possible to enrich the diet of mashed cooked apples or carrots.

Diet in chronic disease

Outside of an exacerbation relies to adhere to a more gentle and balanced diet. Chemical composition of the diet:
• Fats — 70 g
• Proteins — 100 g
• Carbohydrates — 250 g

the Norm of salt should not exceed 8-10 g. Optimal energy value of 2,100 kcal. The recommended amount free fluid: 1.5-2 l

you need to Eat little and often (5-6 times a day) — small portions of food not stretch the walls of the stomach and exacerbate symptoms.

Food should not be too cold or too hot (cold food does not irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa).

the basis of the diet should be:
• Thin croutons of white bread
• Mucous broths and soups.
• Products made from minced meat or minced fish, steamed or boiled in water (quenelle, frikadelle, etc.)
• Boiled meat in a shabby,
• Cereals (rice, buckwheat, semolina, oats), cooked with water or low-fat broth (cereals need to tenderize or to wipe)
• Eggs, boiled soft-boiled or prepared in the form of a steam omelette (no more than 1-2 pieces a day)
• the Sweet varieties of fruits and berries (preference for blueberries, ripe pears and other varieties containing a high percentage of tannin)
• Jelly, jelly, compote of berries and fruit
• Sugar (not more than 40 g per day)
• non-acidic and very fresh homemade cottage cheese in a shabby,
• Tea, coffee, cocoa on the water
• a Decoction of rose hips
• Natural butter (about 5 g per serving)

From the diet are excluded:
• Legumes
• Spices and spicy seasonings
• Pasta
• Oily and spicy sauces
• Any alcohol
• appetizers


Diet is definitely not able to cure Crohn's disease, but it significantly reduces the discomfort and improves the condition.