Easy diet

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Easy diet is not difficult – it doesn't force us to starve, but it guarantees steady weight loss. So, we offer to your attention a few of the easiest and affordable nutrition plans.

Easy diet for 2 weeks

This version of the easy diet is 2 weeks.

• the First Breakfast: a piece of brown or bran bread with a thin layer of butter, and 2-3 tbsp of granular cheese, the big Apple and a Cup of unsweetened tea
• Second Breakfast: app cookies – 2 PCs. and 200 ml of yogurt
• Lunch: soup with broccoli, carrots, onions, tomatoes and herbs, cooked on weak meat broth, slice of boiled beef (chicken breast, fish fillet), Apple or pear and sparkling mineral water
• Dinner: half portion of buckwheat or other cereals, as well as precast vegetable salad
• Before bedtime: green tea

the Rate of weight loss is not impressive (it takes an average of 1-3 kg/week), but the result remains for a long time.

Easy diet for weight loss in a week

This option is a light diet allows the discretion to make the menu of the following products. Dinner you need to eat at least 4 hours before bedtime, then nothing can't be eaten.

a List of permitted products
• Lean meat (chicken breast without skin, beef)
• Any fish (perch, Pollock, haddock, pike, etc.)
• Seafood
• Boiled eggs
• low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, granular cheese
• low-fat dairy drinks.
• Vegetables in any form (the restriction is only on potatoes)
• sweet and Sour grades of berries and fruit
• Lean porridge made from pearl barley or buckwheat
• Soups (vegetable or weak low-fat meat broth)
• soup, soup of the weak low-fat meat broth
• Rye, grain and branny bread – up to 100 grams per day

a total ban is imposed on such drinks and foods like:
• Alcohol
• Any sugary drinks (packaged juices, lemonades, etc.)
• Pastry and baking
• Animal fat, any fatty and fried foods

Restriction is imposed on the salt – it is recommended to slightly add some salt ready meals. You also need to strictly control the amount of sugar (better to abandon it in favor of a small amount of honey). You can drink any beverage except those that are banned.

Products can be baked, steamed, boiled, stew. Is to eat 3-5 times a day.

Sample menu easy weight loss diet

the Breakfast Options:
— porridge with vegetables;
— leafy vegetables and boiled eggs;
— cottage cheese and low fat yogurt.

the Options second Breakfast:
— sweet and sour fruit;
— toast and tea with 1 tsp honey;
— vegetable salad and water.

Options for lunch:
— vegetable soup, lettuce, slice of cheese, toast and tea;
— 150 g boiled chicken, salad of green vegetables and freshly made juice;
— soup, fruit salad no dressing and tea.

dining Options:
— buckwheat porridge on the water without adding oil, salad and broth hips;
— vinaigrette, olive oil and tea;
— baked with vegetables, fish, leafy vegetables and tomato juice.

Before bed
— mint tea;
— mineral water without gas;
— green tea with a slice of lemon.

on average, such an easy diet takes 1-2 kg per week.


Easy diet for weight loss good at least the fact that practically has no contraindications and does not cause harm. Stick to it at any age – lose weight on health!