Fractional diet

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Key recommendations

Fractional power distributes a daily ration of food into 5-6 parts (Breakfast, lunch and dinner are complemented by a modest low-calorie snacking).

you need to Eat approximately the same time to digestive system to work as efficiently as possible. Despite the fact that meals should be small to withstand such a diet is a snap (a couple of hours to get hungry difficult).

If the fractional power had previously been unusual for you, and you're used to tightly to eat 2-3 times a day, go on a diet gradually – gradually cut portions of food but "leftovers" eat up snack.

Get small plates – visually it will seem that food a lot, although it is not so. Eat a small spoon (it will soon enough).

If you do not wish to lose weight, but just want to eat properly and to improve the digestive system, you can leave the diet your favorite "Goodies". Don't forget to cut the rate of their consumption and remember to include in the diet of high-calorie foods only in the morning.

Wanting to lose weight, will reconsider the diet and find alternatives for high-calorie foods (instead of mayonnaise, use yogurt instead of sausage – lean meat, etc.). Severely restricted diet is not necessary – it needs to stay balanced. Per month of such sparing diet you will lose 3-6 kg of excess weight.

Effective fractional diet

This diet offers alternate fractional, painted clearly diet and regular menu. The scheme of alternation: 5 days diet/10 days of normal supply.

Days № 1...№5

sample menu for 1 day:
• the First meal: warm green tea (you can substitute with a Cup of coffee)
• the Second meal: a salad of grated fresh carrots (you can fill it with low-fat yogurt or lemon juice)
• the Third meal: Apple, pear, kiwi, peach (one fruit choice)
• Fourth meal: grain bread, 10 g butter, 100 g of boiled fish fillet or meat
• Fifth meal: boiled egg or 100 g low-fat cottage cheese
• the Sixth meal: vegetable salad with herbs and lemon juice
• Seventh meal: 250 ml of low-fat yogurt or drinking yogurt

the Days of No. 6...No. 15

In this period is to eat as usual, but you want to exclude from the diet:
• Very fatty foods
• Cakes and pastries
• Alcohol

the Scheme of alternation can be repeated multiple times (to achieve the desired result). The diet is easy to sustain: fractional power mode doesn't make you starve, and the combination of diet and complete diet does not allow you to feel anything deprived.

The advantages of fractional diet

Fractional diet prescribes to eat every 2-2.5 hours – this coincides with the mode of operation of our digestive system (food during this time has time to digest). Smaller meals:
— maintains a high level of metabolism.
— prevents hunger urges.
— maintains stable blood sugar levels;
— allows products to fully processed and does not contribute to deposition of fat reserves.


This food is considered the most proper scheme of eating. As practice shows, the transition for even the most sparing diet fractional, which does not imply serious limitations, provides a good weight loss.