Diet for pancreatitis in children

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Pancreatitis – pathology of the pancreas with inflammatory character. In children the disease may develop on the background of malnutrition and nervous overloads in the children's school or in the family. Diet for pancreatitis in children includes a number of restrictions.

Advice on nutrition

If an abnormal condition developed in childhood, parents should pay maximum attention to proper diet. To the child should eat often (5-6 times a day) in small portions.

Food should be neither hot nor cold – just warm food does not cause negative effects. Overeating should not be allowed in any case in pancreatitis the flow of digestive enzymes is hindered, so the food is digested worse.

subject to Limit fats. Butter can be added to ready meals (up to 25 g per day). Also allowed to enter into the diet of vegetable oil.

Meat and fish to exclude from the menu is not (normal protein in this disease increase rather than reduce), but fatty can not use. Meats need to give the child daily, and fish is recommended to enter into the diet of 4 times a week.

When mild exacerbation, the patient is recommended to eat egg-white omelettes, only after abatement of symptoms can be used the yolk.

it is Useful to eat sour and very fresh cottage cheese (cottage cheese can be cooked pudding and casseroles). Low-fat milk drinks and mild cheese can also enter the menu, but the cream and sour cream should be limited (fat dairy products added to food in small quantities).

Whole milk is recommended to add to tea or beverage with chicory. In the preparation of dairy soups should be diluted with water or vegetable broth.

Kids should eat vegetables – they provide the body with essential elements. Carrots, zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, peas, young beans, sweet pepper and other vegetables should be steamed, boil, bake, mash, puree.

it is Permissible to expand child menu, including sweet and soft fruit. It is recommended to give sour apples (pureed without skin or baked). The compote can be cooked from dried or fresh fruits and berries. Benefits of fresh juices, diluted with water, broth hips.

the Soup should cook in water or vegetable broth, but not in the broth. In the first dish, you can add cereals (except millet) and vegetables (cabbage excluded).

the meals are acceptable to serve dairy and vegetable dips, and fruit and berry gravy. Recommended flour products: white bread yesterday's baking, biscuits, drying.

the rate of use of "fast" sugars (jam, sugar, candies) limited. The fact is that carbohydrates can disrupt the separation of pancreatic juice. If there is no aggravation, it is possible to give the child a small amount of honey, sour jam, marmalade, jelly.


Diet for pancreatitis in children remains balanced – as practice shows, the kids quite quickly get used to some restrictions.