Protein-fat diet

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We used to think that eating lots of fatty foods spoils the figure. Polish nutritionist Kwasniewski claims that this is not true: the proposed protein-fat diet based on sharp restriction of carbohydrate intake.

The essence of the diet

Diet is based on the use of natural (not low-fat) proteins. Additionally, you need to enter into the diet of unsaturated vegetable fats.

The principle of the diet

This diet triggers burning fat in the background of almost complete absence of primary energy supply of carbohydrates.

to achieve the desired goal (weight loss), you need to make a diet so that 1 part of protein had a 2.5-3.5 parts fat and less than 1 of the carbs (the optimal rate: 0.8).

Advice on nutrition

you need to eat in a relaxed environment, chewing it thoroughly. During the meal, it is absolutely unacceptable to read, watch TV, talk about business. The food is a little rest, a physical work and playing sports is permissible in 2-3 hours.

the basis of the diet food should be easily digestible by the body and give maximum energy support. This category includes:
• Meat products
• Fat
• Oily fish
• Eggs (up to 8 pieces daily)
• Offal (heart, kidneys, lungs, liver)
• Fat dairy products (whole milk, cream, sour cream, fat cottage cheese, cheese, etc.)

In addition to the protein-fat diet Kwasniewski proposes to include a small amount of carbohydrate food, such as:
• Pasta
• Products made from flour (no more than 1 piece of bread per day)
• Potatoes (no more than 2 pieces per day) or other vegetables in the same amount

Polish nutritionist, developed a diet that proposes to completely abandon the use of fruit – they contain carbohydrates and a large amount of water (according to Kwasniewski, vegetable food not necessary to our organism).

you need to Exclude gluten, contained in cereals, bran, bread. Kwasniewski believes that since fiber is not absorbed by the body, and not profit.

you can Eat at any time. To the diet need to proceed gradually – a sharp transition may impair health.

The effectiveness of the diet

according to the author diet, diet helps or gain weight (if too thin) or reset it (in case of problems with overweight). Allegedly, his diet is done individually affects the human body. If dieting increases efficiency, normal psychological background, to improve your health.


In Poland at Kwasniewski has followers, but in our country, the diet is not very stuck — fatty foods habitually associated with obesity. Everything else proposed by Polish nutritionist diet is hardly reasonable.