Diet for allergies in adults

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Spring and summer allow us to fully enjoy the gifts of the sun and earth, but allergies this period often brings serious trouble. If a rash, watery eyes and of allergic rhinitis is of particular importance healthy diet — a diet for allergies in adults can significantly ease the condition of patients.

Key recommendations

it is Worth remembering that Allergy is a reaction of our immune system to a specific component, present in air, food, environment. Allergies it is extremely important to figure out the exact cause of the problem – helping Allergy tests. Based on these data, it is possible to build a customized nutrition plan.

For example, in adults allergic to pollen of trees you have to give up nuts, stone fruit, and celery, carrots and dill. If a negative reaction of the body cause cereals and meadow grass, are subject to limit pasta and bread, semolina, bread kvass, bread crumbs, halva, ice cream, legumes, and sorrel.

If you are allergic to the Asteraceae from the diet should be excluded melons (cantaloupe, watermelon), vermouth and absinthe (a wormwood), and hot spices and herbs. A significant limitation of the subject of vegetable oil and products on their basis (in particular, confectionery). If the Allergy causes quinoa, strictly contraindicated foods such as beets, spinach, peaches, mango, kiwi, pear, pineapple, honey and mustard.

If the negative reaction of the immune system for salicylates and aspirin is not desirable to use citrus fruits, berries, peaches, melons, plums, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes. Salicylates are also present in the leaves of the raspberry, the marsh cinquefoil, the peony, willow bark, meadowsweet, the Mar root.

List of allergens

There is also a General list of highly allergenic foods (given below).

• Fish, shellfish, caviar, seafood
• Any smoked
• Eggs (mainly the yolk)
• Mayonnaise
• Vinegar
• Cocoa and chocolate
• Coffee
• Mustard and horseradish
• Garlic
• Radish, fresh onion, radish, tomatoes, eggplant, sweet pepper
• Mushrooms
• Citrus fruits
• Any nuts (especially peanuts)
• strawberries
• Melon
• Pineapple and kiwi.
• Honey
• Most of the spices

Regardless of how it manifests itself Allergy (rashes on the skin, runny nose, indigestion, asthmatic attack), Allergy sufferers are recommended to exclude such foods from your diet (this is a non-specific diet that is designed to facilitate the state). In addition to the above products, it is necessary to limit the consumption of salt, sugar, bread, pasta and anything sweet.

Highly undesirable and any kind of alcohol: besides the fact that it accelerates the blood flow and increases the effects of allergens trapped in the body, he can cause overreaction of the immune system. For example, in the beer contains malt, hops and yeast, the wine can be mold, sulfur and histamine, and vermouth are based on herbs.

it is also Worth remembering the dangers of genetically modified foods – they are more likely to trigger the development of allergies. Serious problems can cause nutritional supplements such as Е107 (a particular danger for asthmatics), E120 (Carmine evoke a wide range of allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock), Е122, E123, E124, Е132, Е133.

Diet for adults with allergies are prepared strictly individually — you should listen to the doctor's recommendations. Control your diet – because of this you will greatly ease your condition.