Diet targeting anorexics

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Anorexia nervosa – a life-threatening condition that involves the almost complete rejection of food. It is easy to understand that a diet targeting anorexics have extremely low calorie content. Any of the proposed options should not be used without checking with your doctor.

Option number 1 (diet for 14 days)

the following is the diet diets for targeting anorexics (in days):
1. Tea (green or white but not black)
2. A one percent yogurt (1 liter)
3. Mineral water without gas – 1-1.5 l
4. The big Apple (1 piece)
5. Low fat milk – 1 liter
6. Tea (green, white)
7. Low fat milk – 1 liter
8. Apples – 2 PCs.
9. Low-fat yogurt – 1 liter
10. Cucumbers – 2 PCs.
11. Tea (green, white)
12. Low fat milk – 1 liter
13. Apples – 3 PCs.
14. Mineral water without gas – 1-1.5 l

After the diet is supposed to very gradually expand the range of products. During the first weeks it is recommended to introduce into their ration natural juices, boiled or steamed fish and eggs.

After that, it is necessary to Supplement the diet of cereals and vegetable salads (such a food plan you need to adhere to a week). Starting from the third week you can return to full power mode.

Option # 2 (targeting anorexics diet for 12 days)

During this diet every day (in the morning) is supposed to eat 1 tbsp vegetable oil (different oils can be alternated at your discretion). Additionally you need to drink herbal teas (without sugar).

Diet menu

• Day # 1: a liter of kefir (2.5%)
• Day # 2: oranges (4-6 pieces)
• Day # 3: 500-750 g low fat cottage cheese
• Day # 4: squash caviar (tin with a capacity of 0.5-1 l)
• Day # 5: bitter dark chocolate (100 g)
• Day # 6: apples without skin (1-1,5 kg)
• Day # 7: cheese – 300 g
• Day # 8: vegetable salad and a liter of tomato juice
• Day # 9: boiled veal or beef (400 g)
• Day # 10: salad of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and plenty of greenery
• Day # 11: 500-750 g low fat cottage cheese
• Day # 12: plum (1 kg) or dried prunes.

After 18: 00 can not eat it. Out of the diet is to slowly, gradually adding to the menu dishes.

Option # 3 (drinking diet)

This diet proposes to refuse solid food and go on a liquid diet. You can drink everything from yogurt and broth, finishing with kvass and cocoa (alcohol is contraindicated). Besides the fact that this diet carries excess weight, it also detoxifies the body.

the Optimal duration of such meal plan 30 days. During the first 10 days of a diet purified hollow organs, then the process extends to dense bodies, and at the final stage is purified cellular composition.

every day should drink 1.5 liters of water without gas (in addition to other drinks). In the early stages of the diet can seem unbearable – too high we have a passion for chewing food. After a few days it becomes much easier – the feeling of hunger blunted.


Reviews show diet targeting anorexics (in any of its variants) very quickly carries weight, but is accompanied by serious losses of vitamin and mineral component. Not to expose your body danger, it is necessary to take pharmacy vitamin complexes.

it is Important to remember that these diets just provoked a dangerous condition, which is described in the beginning of the article. Not agreed with the doctor diet can take a bit of your health.