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Diet Demi Moore


The principles of nutrition

demi Moore grew up in a dysfunctional family is forced her from an early age to seek a place under the sun. Demi tried her hand in modeling, and then, on the advice of Natalia Kinsky, turned to the cinema.

to stay on the crest of success our heroine had to exert a lot of effort. She deduced a formula of power that maintain youth and beauty – the actress turned to the raw food diet.

the Essence of the method is the use of raw food. It is believed that this power was inherent in our ancestors. Raw foods retain their useful properties, and thus provide full support.

the basis of the diet demi are fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, juices. A less preferred food the actress believes meat products and fish (in raw form to use them not only difficult, but also quite dangerous – you can "catch" parasites). Demi eats similar foods in boiled (the share of raw products account for 75% of the diet).

Sample menu diet

• Breakfast: fresh fruit salad (the dressing can not use it) – 150 g Brazil nuts or almonds – 50 g low-fat milk – 200 ml, sprouted wheat
• Lunch: salad made of avocado, tomato and cabbage – 200 g, lentils with olive oil – 50 g, tea with mint
• Dinner: salad of asparagus with pine nuts – 100 g, mixed vegetables, sunflower seeds – 20 grams

demi Moore daily drink about one and a half liters of water and juice (the juice, the actress prefers to cook them from pineapple and oranges).

The advantages and disadvantages of diet

If you follow the above diet for weight loss then at first will gradually leave the extra weight (until then, until the optimal balance). The main advantages of this technique can be considered:
• detoxification
• Improve the condition of hair and skin
• No need for cooking

the Disadvantage is the unusual meal plan (many difficult to get used to the absence of dietary flour products, and thermally processed foods).

demi, too, initially felt some discomfort, but over time learned to enjoy raw food for digestive health, she began to add in the diet of pods of hot pepper. To suppress sugar cravings she manages by eating the frozen berry juice.


Diet demi Moore is based on raw foods – it is not for everyone. Today, many people have serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract – the raw food diet with such problems often contraindicated.