Diet for migraine

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Information about the disease

Migraine is referred to as a neurological disorder, the main symptom of which is a regular or episodic attacks of excruciating headache (often unilateral). With the absence of any predisposing factors such as head trauma, brain tumor, stroke, glaucoma, a sharp change in intracranial pressure, the strain.

headaches are often accompanied by an inability to tolerate loud sounds and bright light, and vomiting and nausea. The development of migraine contributes to vasospasm with subsequent excessive extension and the appearance of inflammatory edema.


the Main substances that trigger migraines are tyramine, histamine, and nitrates.

Tyramine migraine

Tyramine — a substance formed from amino acids contained in the protein molecules. The percentage of tyramine increases during prolonged storage or heat treatment of products.

fall Under the ban:
• Fermented soy products (tofu, soybean paste)
• Black beans, over-ripe beans.
• Cheese
• Smoked, salted, fermented, dried or pickled fish
• Fish processed for long-term storage
• Stale food
• strong meat, mushroom, fish broth
• meat products (sausage, sausages, salami, sausages)

Histamine migraine

Histamine – a substance that is present in the human body. Active release starts with burns, allergies, frostbite. Also, histamine may be present in some products (as an example beer and red wine). Excluded from the diet is any foods that cause individual allergic reactions.

Nitrates migraines

Nitrates added to foods as preservatives and dyes. Microdamage present in sausages, sprats, smoked fish, canned herring, hard cheeses.

Diet for migraine

the basis of the diet should be the following products:
• saltwater fish
• flax Seeds
• Soy, olive, corn oil
• Unpolished (brown) rice
• Fruits
• Marine algae
• Wheat bran
• Bananas
• Buckwheat and oat groats
• fish
• Greens
• Tea
• Foods that contain b vitamins (green vegetables, cereals, pumpkin, broccoli etc.)

If the absolute freshness (in reasonable quantities) can be used:
• Tomato juice
• Anchovies
• Cucumber, sweet corn, beet
• Cream cheese, feta cheese, sweet curd
• Boiled eggs
• figs and Raisins

it is Recommended to avoid eating:
• Sauerkraut
• Brewer's yeast
• Brew
• Ginseng
• Any alcoholic beverages


Judging by the reviews, this diet should be unique. Listen to yourself – this will ensure the best result and get rid of the migraine attacks.