Diet cystitis

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Due to the anatomic features of structure of cystitis in women develop more often than men. In urological practice is called symptomatic cystitis bladder infection, accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membrane, disruption of the bladder, changes in urine sediment.

Diet is prescribed for cystitis, affects the kidneys. In addition, it excludes from the diet foods that are able to exert on the mucous membrane irritant effects. Diet built taking into account the stage of the disease.

Diet for chronic cystitis

Chronic cystitis does not require compliance with strict restrictions – patients recommended full diet. Several reduce the proportion of animal fats and simple carbohydrates. The basis of the diet should be:
• cottage Cheese and mild cheese
• Bread (grain, flour, wholemeal, bran)
• Vegetables and meals based on them.
• Fruits
• Cereals (buckwheat, oats, etc.)
• Meat and fish (they should be boiled, steamed, stew)
• non-acidic juices

the Basic amount of calories to have for Breakfast and lunch – the evening is supposed to eat only light meals.

Diet for acute cystitis

In the acute phase will have to seriously limit the amount of sugar. Salt it is desirable to completely eliminate or use minimal amounts, podsalivaya ready meals. In the period of exacerbation is not desirable to use rich broth.

the basis of the diet are:
• Steam vegetable dishes
• Mucous porridge
• non-acidic fresh juices (they can be diluted with water)
• Milk
• Niinistoe and lean meat
• Fish
• White bread
• Fruits and berries

Liquid diet cystitis

cystitis is recommended to drink plenty of fluids. The priority is water. Bring relief juices: beetroot and Apple, carrot (they reduce the burning sensation). The daily rate is 500-600 ml. Another useful in cystitis drink cranberry juice. Contained in cranberries anthocyanins contribute to the destruction of pathogenic bacteria.

Unwanted products

With any form of cystitis is recommended to limit the use of:
• Bakery products from flour
• Yeast pastries and confectionery
• Sweet
• Potatoes
• Citrus
• Citrus juice
• Grapes, peaches, plums, apples, melons, avocados, bananas
• Mayonnaise
• Raisins and nuts
• Chocolate and cocoa

to Completely give up need:
• hot spices
• Smoked
• Pickles and marinades
• Alcohol
• Canned
• strong brewed drinks (tea, coffee)
• Soy sauce

Individual diet

As is known, the body of each of us quite differently reacts to the same food. If you notice that after eating any product the problem worsened, discard it. Ideally, you should keep a food diary – this will allow to assess the impact of foods on the disease and make the most appropriate nutrition plan.


Diet cystitis reduces irritation of the bladder wall. Reviews testify that due to the change in diet decrease the unpleasant symptoms: pain and cramps in the bladder, urge to urinate when almost empty the bladder, etc. to Supplement the diet and increase the effectiveness of treatment enables herbal – active substance destroying harmful micro-flora and has a calming effect on the bladder wall.