Diet 2 table

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Diet 2 (table 2) and medical nutrition plan, developed by M. I. Pevzner. The diet prescribed for acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis, colitis.

The main characteristics of the diet number 2

the diet of the Diet is designed to establish the secretory function of the digestive system and normalize motor function of the gastrointestinal tract. Do not assign a diet with preserved and increased secretion.

health food provides a variety of heat treatment products: they are boiled, stewed, baked and fried (without breading and the formation of rough crust).

From the diets of the 2nd table excludes products digested and hard long retained in the stomach. Not to be products, irritating the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract (excludes hot and cold and spicy dish).

the rate of salt – not more than 15 g per day. Every day is recommended to drink 1.5 l of water. Recommended energy value: 2800-3000 kcal. Frequency of meals: 4-5 times a day.

The chemical composition of the diet №2

• Proteins – 100 g (40% of vegetable origin)
• Carbohydrates – 400-420 g
• Fat — 90-100 g (25% vegetable origin)

Recommended products

• Flour products: - flour bread yesterday's baking or dried, fresh bakery products, dry biscuits, not butter cheesecake, and pies with fish, boiled meat, rice, jam, eggs, apples
• Soups prepared on weak low-fat meat and fish broth
• Soups prepared with vegetable and mushroom broth, adding chopped or pureed vegetables, boiled or pureed cereals, vermicelli, noodles, pre-cooked meatballs
• Borscht, soup, Sokolniki (with good endurance)
• Rassolnik (cucumber pickle replaced)
• Meat and poultry low-fat varieties (without tendons and skin)
• Frikadelle, meatballs and cutlets of veal, beef, lean lamb and pork, rabbit meat and chicken
• Boiled tongue
• sausages, diet sausage, lean ham
• Pancakes with minced boiled meat
• Fish low-fat varieties (it stewed, boiled, baked, fried without breading and is cooked in the form of cutlets and ricadela)
• Dairy products: milk, cream (added to food), kefir, yogurt, fresh cheese, cheese, sour cream (the latter – not more than 15 g per meal)
• Eggs, boiled soft-boiled, and also in the form of steam or fried scrambled eggs (can add cheese)
• Cereal with milk, water, meat broth, with added fruit (do not eat millet and barley porridge)
• Cereals puddings
• Pasta, lapshevnik
• Vegetables (tomatoes, courgettes, potatoes, pumpkin, beets, carrots, cauliflower) boiled, baked, stewed,
• Vegetable soup, casseroles, puddings
• Vegetable caviar
• Soaked herring
• low-fat Beef jelly
• liver
• sturgeon Caviar
• Ripe berries and fruits: oranges and lemons (they are added to tea or jelly), tangerines, watermelon, grapes without the skin, etc. – to 200 g per day
• Compotes, jelly, jelly, mousse
• Compote of pureed dried fruits
• Meringue, caramel cream, snowballs, iris, candy, jellies, marshmallows, sugar, jam, honey, jam
• Sauces for fish, meat, mushroom, vegetable broth
• Sauces based on sour cream, lemon juice, etc.
• Vanilla, cinnamon, Bay leaf, dill, parsley, celery
• Tea (add lemon), cocoa, coffee
• Vegetable, fruit, berry juices, diluted with water
• a Decoction of rose hips
• a Decoction of bran
• butter, ghee
• Vegetable oil (refined)

Excluded products

• Fresh pastries, bakery products from puff and fancy pastry.
• Milk soups
• Pea and bean soup
• Hash
• rich in Fatty or connective tissue of meat
• Smoked and canned goods
• Salty, smoked, fatty fish
• a hard-boiled Egg
• Wheat and also barley, barley, corn grits
• pickles
• Onions, radishes, radish, sweet peppers, turnips, cucumbers, garlic, mushrooms
• Fatty and spicy snacks
• Berries with coarse grains or rough skin
• Creamy and chocolate products
• Ice cream
• Grape juice
• Brew
• Refractory fat


Diet 2 table promotes the steady improvement of the state of enteritis, gastritis, colitis. Assign diet needs attending.