Diet for pain in the stomach

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Pain in the stomach (gastralgia) – arise as diseases of the digestive tract, and in several other States (for example, in case of accident or vegetative neurosis). Diet for pain in the stomach must be observed without fail, that's just General advice in this question is not too relevant – a doctor's consultation.

Helpful information

the Main causes of abdominal pain:
• Gastritis (erosive, bacterial, acute stress, viral, fungal, eosinophilic, atrophic)
• peptic Ulcer disease of stomach and duodenum
• Polyps of the stomach
• stomach Cancer
• Overeating
• Indigestion
• Constipation
• muscle Tension stomach,
• Physical exertion
• abdominal Trauma
• Susceptibility to stress
• Intolerance of certain foods (e.g., milk)

to Specify a diagnosis will help:
• Gastroenterology
• Surgeon
• medical Oncologist

Pain in the stomach indicates the presence of certain problems (should not be overlooked and Oncology), so if you experience such discomfort you should definitely go as a full examination.

the Right diet, you will be assigned a specialist (with some problems can be recommended pureed diet, and with such a measure likely to harm than help). Below we give General guidelines – they are appointed in all diseases of the stomach.

Advice on nutrition

When pain in the stomach is recommended to eat frequently (4-6 times daily) in small quantities and preferably at the same time. It normalizes the production of gastric juices and improve digestion.

the serving Temperature of dishes – comfortable (hot and cold will have to be deleted). It is impossible to enter into the diet food, irritating the gastrointestinal mucosa and trigger the active production of gastric juices. In the list of undesirable of food, beverages and dishes fall
• Rich broth
• Fresh pastries
• Alcohol, any carbonated drinks, kvass, strong coffee
• Greasy and fried foods
• hot spices
• Pickles, canned food, smoked products, marinades
• Puff pastry (any products)
• Acidic and rich in crude fiber vegetables, fruits, berries (in particular, this radish, radish, sorrel, cabbage)
• a hard-boiled Egg
• Meat, tomato, mushroom, fish sauces

the basis of the diet should be:
• Wheat bread yesterday's baking, dry biscuits and biscuit
• Soups with pureed vegetables or cereals in a well-boiled carrot or potato broth
• Milk soups, cereals
• Milk or vegetable soups with noodles
• steam and Boiled dishes of lean meats, poultry and fish
• Dairy products: milk (if tolerated), sour curd, low-fat sour cream, fermented milk products
• Well-cooked pasta
• Cereals (rice, buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal)
• Vegetable dishes (steamed, pureed)
• Eggs, boiled soft-boiled egg, steam scrambled eggs
• Starters: salad of boiled vegetables, meat, fish; liver paste; unsalted ham without fat; fish in aspic, cooked with vegetable broth
• non-acidic fruits and berries (pureed fresh or baked)
• Sweets: honey, marshmallows, jam, jelly, jelly (fruit, dairy), mousse
• Drink: loosely brewed cocoa, tea, coffee and milk; compotes; broth hips, sweet fruit juices
• Fats: butter and vegetable oil


Since the discomfort can arise not only in gastric disorders, must be done. Diet for pain in the stomach brings relief only when exactly the diagnosis.