Diet for heart arrhythmia

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The basic guidelines of nutrition in heart arrhythmia

unfortunately, not all of us follow the rules of rational nutrition. Many people simply do not have time to eat and tolerate eating at a later time. Hardly anyone can afford organic food, no additives. All this negatively affects the cardiovascular system and metabolism.

on this Basis, the principal terms of a diet for arrhythmia are:
• Choice of healthy foods and a balance of the elements
• the Fractional power mode
• Enrichment of the diet with vitamins and minerals (they are present in foods, so it is not necessary to take the pharmacy complexes)

Advice on nutrition

Preference is given to raw vegetables and fruits. Valuable for the heart muscle minerals can be obtained by introducing in the diet sources of magnesium, potassium, calcium
• Rye bran
• Bread with added bran
• Buckwheat
• Legumes
• sunflower Seeds, nuts, avocado
• Greens (parsley especially useful)
• Fruits
• Potatoes and cabbage
• Bananas
• Dairy products (cheese, cheese, etc.)
• Fish, seafood

it is Necessary to limit the use of:
• Sweets and confectionery
• ice cream
• salt

Fasting days for cardiac arrhythmia

In order to prevent arrhythmia doctors recommend periodically arrange fasting days. Their goal is the removal of toxins and cleansing the blood vessels.

Apple fasting day

For the discharge of the day you will need 1.5 kg of apples sour-sweet varieties. In addition to eating fresh fruits, it is recommended to eat baked (because the main goal is not losing weight, cleansing, bake apples with raisins, a small amount of nuts and honey). Recommended to drink freshly made Apple juice, water without gas, herbal teas, green tea.

Kefir discharge day

throughout the day you're supposed to drink 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt and 1 liter of water without gas.

Curd fasting day

During unloading're supposed to eat 400 g low-fat cottage cheese. To Supplement the diet is a pint of milk (sour milk, yogurt). You can also drink water, broth hips, green tea.


As practice shows, the arrhythmia is often a result of a deficiency of minerals and vitamins. The above recommendations will help to restore the balance – this is evidenced by the reviews.