Diet American astronauts Leo Bokeria

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Highlights diet Leo Bokeria

This meal plan is quite effective – week diet of American astronauts allows you to lose 3-5.5.

Sharply limited to the proportion of foods containing carbohydrates. This includes sugary, flour, potato dishes, bread, rice, fruits, confectionary.

the basis of the diet is a wide range of protein foods: meat, fish, poultry. The menu is supplemented by dairy products and non-starchy vegetables.

the Products are distributed by "cost", that is, the content of carbohydrates (measured in arbitrary units, where 1.e.=1 g of carbohydrates). Zero "cost" removes restrictions on the size of the portions is to eat such foods can be up to saturation (but do not overeat).

Since this distribution of products to the fore the proteins, the risk of development of constipation. To avoid such problems help laxative herbal teas.

Weight loss is due to the fact that the body for a long period of time deprived of the main fuel – carbohydrates. In regard to fuel begin to use fat stores.


This method of weight loss is contraindicated in the presence of chronic diseases vessels, heart, intestines, stomach, kidneys. Even perfectly healthy people should provide for the possibility of implementing the diet with your doctor. It is not recommended to diet during pregnancy and lactation.

Scheme of weight loss

in order to successfully lose weight, you should diet according to the "cost" of the products. This indicator directly depends on the content in foods of carbohydrates. For the convenience of users created tables that display indicators of basic foodstuffs.

to lose weight, you need to get per day not more than 40.e. to maintain weight enough from 40-60.e. Recover will allow level 60.e. and more.

Table value of products

• White bread (100 g) – 48.e.
• Oat and buckwheat porridge (250 g) – 24.e.
• brown bread (100 g) – 40.e.
• Semolina (150 g) – 40.e.
• Pasta (250 g) – 32 in.e.
• Rice (250 g) – 44 in.e.
• Boiled meat, pork tenderloin, lamb, chicken (100 g) – 0 from.e.
• Sausage, steak, sausage (100 g) – 1.e.
• Beef liver (100 g) – 6 in.e.
• egg (1 PCs) – 0.5.e.
• steamed fish (100 g) – 3.e.
• Boiled shrimp (100 g) – 0 from.e.
• Cow's milk (250 ml) – 6 in.e.
• Kefir, yogurt (250 ml) – 13.e.
• Hard cheese (100g) – up to 2 in.e.
• butter (20 g) – 1.e.
• sour Cream (200 g) – 10.e.
• non-acidic cottage cheese (100 g) – 3.e.
• Different types of mushrooms (100 g) – 6 in.e.
• Fresh cabbage (100 g) – 5.e.
• Vegetable oil (20 g) – 0 from.e.
• Eggplant (100 g) — 3.e.
• Root crops: carrots, beets (100 g) – 5 and 6.e. respectively
• bell pepper (1 piece) – 9 in.e.
• Zucchini (100 g) – 4 off.e.
• Fresh tomatoes (1) 6 in.e.
• onions (1 pieces) – 8 in.e.
• cucumber (1 piece) – 5 e.
• Corn (1 ear) – 15.e.
• Boiled potatoes (100 g) – 23.e.
• Chicken broth (500 ml) – 0.e.
• Buildable vegetable soup (500ml) – 16.e.
• beef stew (500 ml) at 22.e.
• Green cabbage (500 ml) – 12.e.
• Apple (1) 18 in.e.
• Orange (1) 17.e.
• Banana (1) 21.e.
• Peach (1) 9.e.
• Berry mix (1 tbsp.) – 17.e.
• sunflower Seeds (2 tbsp) – 1.5 u.e.
• Apple, grape, tomato juice (1 tbsp) – 10.e.
• Water, unsweetened tea and coffee (1 tbsp.) – for 0 have.e.
• spirits (150 ml) for 1 at.e.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: sour cream (40 g/2 in.e.), cottage cheese (100 g/3.e.), the crepe (1 PC./8 in.e.), natural unsweetened coffee (0.e.)
• Second Breakfast: peach (1 PCs/9.e.)
• Dinner: boiled chicken meat (200 g/0.e.), green soup (250 ml/6 in.e.), unsweetened black tea (0.e.)
• Dinner: stewed vegetables (200 g/10.e.), steak (1 piece/1.e.), unsweetened green tea (0.e.)

Total: 39.e.

Disadvantages diet

Since the diet of American astronauts provides rapid burning of fatty tissue produce large quantities of ketone bodies — development of ketosis leads to poisoning of the body (more than all suffer from liver, kidney, brain).

the Deficit of dietary fibers (due to cuts in the share of vegetables and fruits) leads to a deterioration of the digestive system. In addition, insufficient quantity of plant foods causes the development of deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Since dairy products also bear a certain share.e. their rate of consumption is significantly reduced – this is also not the best way appears to health (in particular, the condition of the bone tissue).

Excessive intake of protein intake overloads the kidneys and can lead to the formation of stones. Cholesterol is present in meat and animal fats, has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system.


According to reviews, the diet of American astronauts Leo Bokeria doesn't make you starve and stably carries weight. The biggest drawback is the need for calculations based on tabular data.