Personal diet

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Who to contact for help?

Deciding to take a personal diet, you should seek help from a professional nutritionist. Unfortunately, today even the composition of the individual diets put on stream – they are in large numbers "stamped" on the Internet. Face-to-face advice is more expensive, but a professional view on the issue deserves.

The nuances of the development of a personal diet

When compiling a personal diets for losing weight many factors. We offer to your attention a list of them.

1. Health

One of the most important aspects taken into account during the compilation of personal diet — health. Any of the diseases imposes certain restrictions on the choice of food: diabetes forces us to abandon charcterised products, a sick stomach does not react well to the abundance of roughage, gout incompatible with strong meat broths and other foods containing purines. For accurate diagnosis of health status is to get tested.

2. The degree of physical activity

it is Absolutely unacceptable to create a personal diet plan without taking into account the degree of physical activity. In the first place of this factor depends on caloric intake. If excessively to understate this figure, the exhaustion can not be avoided.

To calculate individual calorie intake is to use a special formula. Subtracting from the number to 500 calories, you will begin to lose weight successfully, causing their health any harm.

3. Age and gender

the Third important factor in the compilation of personal diet age and gender. With age, the rate of metabolism slows down, therefore, required to sustain the caloric intake is somewhat reduced.

Also don't doubt the fact that the male body needs more calories than women. Let the gap is relatively small, but it still exists.

4. Food cravings

Nutritionists and psychologists say that losing weight built on constant struggle with oneself to anything good does not. It is much easier to lose weight, including diet favorite foods. For example, it is not necessary to go on the egg diet if you can not stand this product. In the end, you can lose weight and potatoes, most importantly to abide by the rules of its use.

5. Blood

paradoxically, but in individual diet it is worth considering what your blood group. The fact that the division into groups occurred gradually: the change in the composition of the blood was the direct result of life metamorphosis (people went from hunting to farming, from nomadism to a settled way of life, etc.). Thus, carriers of one or another blood group by nature adapted to the use of a certain product group. First blood belongs to the "hunters" and "farmers", third – "nomads" and the fourth "new people".


it is Worth remembering that a personal diet for weight loss should be supplemented by individually chosen training regime. Due to the comprehensive approach you will be able to lose weight and maintain physical attraction (not the secret, that weight loss cause the appearance of sagging body). Remember that using a personal diet lose weight even those who are totally disillusioned in any other methods.