Diet "8 bricks"

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Diet diet

• Day # 1: yogurt low fat – up to 3 l
• Day # 2: cucumber fresh — no limit on the number
• Day # 3: low fat cottage cheese – 500 grams
• Day # 4: bananas of medium size – up to 10 PCs.
• Day # 5: molokochay – 2-2.5 l
• Day # 6: boiled chicken fillet – 600 g
• Day # 7: apples — without restrictions on the number
• Day # 8: oatmeal – 5 servings

The rules of cooking recipes for diet "8 bricks"


To prepare Morococha will require a minimum milk fat, and quality green tea. Will precipatate milk (1 liter), remove from the heat, allow to cool to 70?C.

Put in warm milk 3 tablespoons green tea (optional can add a small amount of mint). Drink, do not cover tightly and do not brew in a thermos.

Cooled down tea strain. If desired, you can add a small amount of natural honey (the drink should cool down to 40?C). Cooled tea store in the refrigerator. Before use, dilute it with boiling water (1:1).

Since molokochay actively removes fluid and cleanses the intestines, in addition, you should drink at least a litre of still water.


Oatmeal quick cooking pour boiling water (1:1.5), cover, wrap and let stand. Salt use is undesirable, sugar, honey, butter are banned.

Briefly about the benefits of the components of the diet "8 bricks"

Buttermilk is a useful low-calorie drink, restoring intestinal flora, effectively cleanses the body, increases the absorption of calcium, iron, vitamin D.

Cucumbers have the lowest calories (15 kcal/100 g). Due to the presence of dietary fiber fresh vegetable crisp perfectly clean our body. Cucumbers also promote the excretion of excess fluid (that is, have diuretic properties).

Cheese is a high protein product, additionally, it contains easily digestible calcium. Energy value of 100 g of cottage cheese 1% fat is about 70 calories.

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals. They Supplement the deficiency of carbohydrates, which prevents slowing down of metabolic processes and promotes restoration of energy balance.

Molokochay brings low calories and perfectly cleanses the body and stimulates fat burning.

Chicken fills the shortage of animal protein and provides essential amino acids. 100 g provides about 100 kcal.

Apples are a source of vitamins, pectin, organic acids and salts minerals. Useful fruits clean the intestines, stimulate fat burning.

Oats regulates fat metabolism, cleanses the body and provides low calories (90 kcal per 100 g).


Diet 8 bricks in 8 days takes 3-5 kg of excess weight. As evidenced by the reviews, once completed, felt amazing lightness in the body.