Hypocaloric diet

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Key recommendations

Despite the fact that the diet severely limits the intake of calories, exercise during the period of its passage is not forbidden.

to prevent swelling and speed up the removal of excess interstitial fluid, it is recommended to limit the intake of fluids, salt and sugar.

to Prevent the development of deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and improve the activity of the intestine, called the food of plant origin – it is included in the diet menu.

During a hypocaloric diet low in fat is recommended fractional power mode – this will prevent hunger urges.

to Strengthen the effectiveness of the diet will allow fasting days. Preferably, these variants:
• unloading Apple (1.5 kg of apples)
unloading Cucumber (1.5 kg of cucumbers)
• Kefir unloading (1-1.5 litres of yogurt)
• Unloading porridge (5 servings of rice or oatmeal, boiled in water without adding salt and fat)

Caloric content of the diet should not exceed 1000-1300 kcal. Reduced caloric content is achieved by cutting the share of fats and carbohydrates. The amount of protein (1 g per 1 kg of body weight) remains unchanged.

the Duration of one cycle of weight loss on a hypocaloric diet with a low fat content should not exceed three weeks. Repeat several times, keeping the interval between cycles (1 month).

Below is a sample menu reduced-calorie diet – you can change it on your own, using the table calorie foods.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: omelette steam of 2 eggs 150 ml low-fat yogurt
• Lunch: soup with barley – 200 g, salad from fresh cabbage or sauerkraut and apples – 100 g beef stew with buckwheat groats -150 g, jelly – 200 ml
• Dinner: liver pancakes – 100 g herbal tea
• Before sleep: Apple

• Breakfast: green salad with fresh cucumbers — 100 g boiled fish – 75 g with vegetables 150 g and herbal tea
• Lunch: herring soaked 50 g lean rice soup – 200 g, steam meatballs of beef – 100 g apricot juice – 200 ml
• Dinner: eggplant caviar -100 g steam cutlets beef – 120 grams with vegetables – 100 grams and herbal tea
• Before sleep: 150 ml low-fat yogurt

• Breakfast: tomato juice – 150 ml, boiled chicken — 100 g, Apple
• Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled beef — 60-75 g spaghetti 150 g, compote on xylitol – 200 ml
• Dinner: vegetable caviar – 50 g, cabbage – 100 g, tea
• Before sleep: 200 ml Apple juice

• Breakfast: vegetable caviar — 100 g cottage cheese dumplings low-fat cottage cheese — 200 g, tea
• Lunch: vegetable soup, 200 g, a steam roll of beef – 120 grams with vegetables – 100 g compote on xylitol
• Dinner: millet porridge with pumpkin — 200 g Apple juice 100 g and tea
• Before sleep: 150 ml low-fat yogurt

• Breakfast: herring soaked 50 g, boiled potatoes -150 grams, cucumber and herbal tea
• Lunch: vegetable caviar — 100 g vegetable soup — 200 g of fish 100 g with vegetables – 250 g fruit jelly
• Dinner: meatballs, steam – 100 g low-fat yogurt — 150 g Apple juice – 200ml

• Breakfast: Kale salad with carrots and apples — 100g, dressed with low-fat sour cream (1 tbsp), boiled meat — 125 g and 150 ml of low-fat yogurt
• Dinner: salad of fresh tomatoes — 100 g low-fat sour cream (1 tbsp), vegetable soup, 200 g-stuffed zucchini — 200 g fruit juice – 150 ml
• Dinner: stuffed cabbage — 100 grams cucumber 150 ml of tomato juice
• Before sleep: Apple

Sunday: unloading


Proposed above menu though, and brings a minimum of calories, but it does not impoverish the diet – you can eat a variety of tasty and healthy meals. Judging by the reviews, to withstand a reduced-calorie diet is a snap.