Diet Pelagia

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Weight loss secrets

Pelageya admits that she naturally splendor of forms, moreover, completeness and provoke food addiction is a singer from early childhood, loves the dumplings, and the family of Pelagia taken tightly to eat. Since the growth of our heroine is only 163 cm, completeness is particularly noticeable. To correct my figure, the girl had to give up your favorite dishes and make your own rules diet. She is not a supporter of the extremes, so to starvation, decided to take. According to singer, the refusal to supply (without proper training and without medical supervision) no good cause can not. Moreover, neither of which fasting may not be involved with the active way of life (the singer is the soloist of the group "Pelageya", participates in competitions and vocal show).

Our heroine made it a rule to eat fractionally (this avoids a strong sense of hunger). The secret to losing weight is choosing the right products in the diet. The singer refused fatty foods, replaced red meat with fish and began to unload the apples and yogurt. In addition, Pelagia barely eats flour – fell into disgrace even pasta.

the Singer decided that the constant observance of the rules of a balanced diet leads to depression — diet from Pelageya for the lazy implies cutting diet only for 20 days. In remaining until the end of the month 10-11 days, the singer allows himself to relax a little and enjoy the food. But this does not mean that after enduring three-week diet, she begins to recklessly absorb all the sweet, fatty and high in calories. Relief mode just means from time to time she indulges herself favorite food.

Observing the simple rules of supply, Pelageya noticeably thinner – spicy cuppy cake, it actually turned into a slim lady. You can hear that the singer has lost weight through liposuction – this version Pelagia rejects, stating the absence of any surgical intervention.

Buckwheat diet Pelagia

Well, now let's talk more about the menu Pelagia during the 20-year-diet days. During weight loss Pelagia prefers to eat buckwheat – healthy porridge she enters in menu 1-2 times a day. Unlike a rigid diet, porridge is not the only component of the menu. The singer combines buckwheat with vegetables and protein food. An indispensable element weight loss program is a liquid. During the diet Pelagia recommends drinking plenty of clean water without gas. Permissible and savory drinks, but the main share still should belong to the water. The rate of fluid – about 2 litres a day. You need to drink it just before meals or in between. Pelagia believes (and this opinion is supported by nutritionists) that without enough liquids the process of weight loss slows down. Water suppresses the hunger by filling the stomach, and also helps to cleanse the intestines.

Sample menu

For Breakfast Pelagia allows himself a serving of buckwheat cereal (fat added is not worth it). Dining the meals of the singer consists of a large serving of vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil. Vegetables supplemented with seafood, fillet of fish or white meat poultry. Dinner is another portion of buckwheat. This dish can be supplemented with vegetables. Periodically the mess, you can substitute fish or seafood, leaving the menu vegetables. Snacks: fruit, milk drinks, vegetables, natural juices. Diet Pelagia on the buckwheat implies the rejection of any food after dinner, only drink water and unsweetened green or herbal tea.

Additional measures of weight loss

Pelageya did not limit itself to one only the diet. Weight loss program it complements sports and walks in the fresh air. Once a week Pelagia visited a steam room – thermal effect promotes speedy fat burning.

False diet Pelagia

Changes that have occurred with the figure of the singer, has provoked a lot of interest from fans. This has led to the emergence of a number of fraudulent schemes. Began to advocate various Supplements, berries and even mushrooms, which allegedly was a secret to losing weight singer. Representatives of Pelagia responded quickly to this scheme and made an official statement saying that the singer has no such products is not the slightest relationship. They strongly recommend not to ignore such ads.


Diet Pelagia has all the necessary elements of nutrition, therefore, is an acceptable method of weight loss.