Diet for biliary dyskinesia

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biliary Dyskinesia is characterized by dysmotility of the biliary ducts and gall bladder in the background of this pathology develops the stagnation of bile. Diet for biliary dyskinesia facilitates the condition of patients.

General information about the disease

it is considered that biliary dyskinesia is not a serious problem. Unfortunately, it is not so. In this condition the bile and its components incorrectly circulating in the intestine and liver.

This reduces the activity of digestive enzymes – the vital elements of nutrition (including fat-soluble vitamins) are no longer normally processed. This in turn leads to deterioration of the patient. Do not forget about possible complications.

Dyskinesia can be hyperkinetic (the tone of the gall bladder is elevated) and hypokinetic (gall bladder wall is relaxed). And the other option of the disease requires dieters.

Advice on nutrition

in this disease will have to fully give up ice cream, chips, fizzy soft drinks. It is impossible to use chilled desserts, dishes and drinks – they affect the tone of the gall bladder and cause spasms.

you need to Eat 4-6 times a day. The exception shall be subject to:
• Rich broth (chicken, meat, mushroom, fish)
• Fried, spicy and fatty meals
• Any refractory fat (lamb, pork, goose, duck)
• Smoked meats, pickles
• Nuts
• Mushrooms
• Legumes
• brown bread
• Turnips, onions, radish, garlic, radish
• Small
• Fresh pastries
• Coffee
• Cocoa and chocolate

Recommended use:
• Vegetarian vegetable and cereals and vegetable soups, soup, borscht
• Milk soups, cereals
• Lean meats, fish, poultry (in the form of steam cutlets or boiled)
• Cereals and pasta side dishes (rice, buckwheat, vermicelli, etc.)
• steamed or boiled vegetables
• Milk porridge from cereals (you can't use just millet)
• Casseroles
• Eggs, boiled soft-boiled or steam omelets, 2-3 times a week
• Milk
• low-fat dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt, sour cream)
• Fresh and mild cheese
• butter
• Vegetable oil
• Dried white bread, dry biscuits, biscuits
• Ripe fruits and berries sweet varieties as well as fruit drinks, juices and mash them
• Loosely brewed tea
• Sweets (jam, honey, marshmallows, jelly, candy, caramel)

Sample menu

• the First Breakfast: cereal with milk, egg, soft-boiled, sweet tea, a sandwich with butter and cheese
• lunch: sweet fruit
• Lunch: vegetarian soup, steamed fish, mashed potatoes, vegetable salad with vegetable oil, sweetened tea or juice,
• Snack: milk
• Dinner: meatballs, steamed noodles with butter, sweet tea
• Shortly before bedtime: yogurt

Additional recommendations

When any form of biliary dyskinesia, the diet should include foods that provide cholagogue effect: cabbage, carrots, beets, cucumbers.

in this disease fresh onions to enter into the diet is impossible, but because the product is useful, it still should not be ruled out completely. Onion will not harm if pre-processing (it is chopped, pour boiling water, leave for 15 minutes and drain). This allowed the onions to add to different dishes.

Because the broth in this disease should not be used, and only one vegetarian soups quickly stale, you can diversify the menu by adding pre-cooked meatballs in vegetable soups.

it is Known that vegetable oils and herbs have choleretic action – they should add to the first and second courses.


Diet for biliary dyskinesia provides lasting improvement, though it should be respected on an ongoing basis.