Diet for thighs and buttocks

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Diet for buttocks and thighs was developed in 1988. This technique of correction were delighted with the resident of UK and over time, it has gained wide popularity in other countries of the world. The book rosemary Conley on this diet reveals all the secrets of the correction of the most problematic areas of the female body.

Diet for thighs and buttocks Conley

This method of correction is based on significant reductions in fat intake. On the one hand the author of the diet doesn't offer meticulously count calories, but does not eliminate the need to comply with certain restrictions.

All the meals to make of the proposed products in the book, besides some of them need to be weighed. Only part of products (potatoes, pasta, rice) it is permissible to eat before saturation (which is not peculiar to most of the diets). Starchy foods drowns out hunger and provide enough energy.

the Author of this diet proposes to abandon some products, such as:
— butter (even the "easy" oil is prohibited);
— any dairy products (except skim milk and yogurt – not more than 250 ml per day);
— vegetable oil;
— interior fat;
— any nuts and seeds (they are not excluded if the person is a vegetarian menu);
— any fried foods.
— cakes, pastries, chocolate, cookies.

the basis of the diet are:
— lean meat;
— white fish (lean);
— vegetables (any);
— bread.

the proportion of fat account for no more than 15-20% of your daily calorie intake. In small amounts alcohol is allowed. You can drink low-calorie drinks, teas, juices, coffee.

the Average daily caloric intake is 1200 kcal. According to the author diet, in an average week you can lose about 0.5-1.35 kg of excess weight.

Sample menu diet for buttocks and thighs

• Breakfast: muesli bars (2 pieces), skim milk (150 ml), 1 tsp brown sugar
• lunch: carrots, celery
• Lunch: salad made of fruit and boiled chicken seasoned with yogurt and a small amount of wine vinegar
• lunch and dinner: rice pudding into skim milk with sweetener, slice of tenderloin, grilled, baked potatoes, boiled mushrooms, fresh vegetables, a slice of melon and a glass of red wine
• Drinks all day: tea (you can add skim milk), diet coke, mineral water

The advantages and disadvantages of diet

During the diet, Conley used a simple and accessible products, well-saturated and eliminates feelings of hunger. The book contains a lot of recipes — most of them are not characterized by high complexity.

Perhaps the only awkward moment is the almost complete rejection of fats, but the book explains in detail how to cook without them.

in the preparation of dishes using various spices that enhances the taste of reduced-fat food (but unfortunately, not all food good taste).

As diet for weight loss thighs and buttocks trims the proportion of fat, you have to cook your own meals – it is difficult to find suitable meals, eating in the hotel or in restaurants.

Plus diet can be considered an abundance of plant foods, but even taking this into account, the author of the diet proposes to introduce in the diet of vitamin-mineral supplements.


According to reviews, during the diet hunger is almost not there. To diet really helped to remove the excess volume to the buttocks and thighs, it is necessary to adhere to the proposed in the book the exercise – exercises are working on the problem areas of the body that helps to improve the contours of the body. Without complying with the rule, the diet will not differ from other methods of weight loss.