Diet for iron deficiency anemia

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iron Deficiency anemia (IDA) is characterized by impaired hemoglobin synthesis. The problem develops on the background of iron deficiency resulting from blood loss or malnutrition. Diet for iron deficiency anemia is designed to restore an optimal balance.

According to research from food is absorbed, no more than 10-20% of the iron — only diet, the deficiency of this element will fail. Thus, in addition to iron-rich foods patients taking certain drugs.

Advice on nutrition for iron deficiency anemia

the Diet of the adult patient awaiting include:
• Fats — 90 g
• Carbohydrates — 350 g
• Protein — 130 g
• Copper — 5 mg
• Iron — 40 mg
• Zinc — 15 mg
• Manganese — 7 mg
• Cobalt — 15 mcg
• Choline — 4 g
• Methionine 2 g

When choosing a diet you need to pay special attention to the form that contains the iron. Preference should be for products where this element is present in the form of heme. This group includes products of animal origin from such food to digest 10-15% of iron. Slightly less iron provides vegetable food (to digest 1-5% iron). Liver, kidney and fish products also contain a lot of iron, but it is in the form of hemosiderin and ferritin – iron is hard to digest by the human body.

Recommended products:

• Beef tongue
• Meat rabbit, chicken, Turkey
• Beef, veal
• White mushrooms
• Buckwheat and oat groats
• Legumes
• Cocoa and chocolate
• Egg
• Greens
• Peaches, apples, apricots, prunes, raisins
• Fruit juice, fruit drinks
• Honey
• elixir

Additional recommendations

Digestion, absorption and metabolism of iron depends largely on cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese.

Cobalt is contained in the following products:
• Offal (liver, kidney)
• Milk
• Legumes and cereals
• Gooseberry, raspberry and black currant
• Apricot, cherry, pear
• Beets

the Daily need for this element: 0,05-0,2 mg.

the Copper present in foods such as:
• Cereals
• Legumes
• Mushrooms
• Strawberries and black currants
• Watermelon
• Hell
• Beef and liver.

the Daily rate of copper: 2-3 mg.

Zinc is contained in the following products:
• Yeast
• Offal (liver, lungs, kidneys)
• Beef
• Cheese
• Legumes
• Mushrooms
• Eggs

Daily rate: 10-15 mg.

Manganese is present in the following products:
• Cereals
• Parsley and dill
• Sorrel, spinach, beet, pumpkin
• Raspberry and black currant.

Daily rate: 5-7 mg.

Honey with iron deficiency anemia

a Balanced natural remedy for the treatment of IDA is honey. It contained fructose enhances iron absorption in the intestine. Honey is full of vitamins, minerals, biologically active substances.

the Greatest benefits of the dark variety of honey in comparison with blond varieties, they contain more iron, manganese and copper. Honey is recommended to drink immediately before a meal (at low pH) or for 1.5-2 hours before a meal (at high pH). Per day can eat up to 100 g of honey (in the absence of serious contraindications).

Diet for iron deficiency anemia is really able to improve the condition of patients – this is what it shows.