Diet Mukhina without earrings

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Advice on nutrition

Mukhin believes that obesity, like any disease, needs to be treated. If you let things drift, it may develop a number of comorbidities (hypertension, tachycardia, diabetes, problems with joints).

Diet Mukhina without earrings

Diet severely restricts the proportion of simple carbohydrates and fats (it is recommended to use vegetable oil). The basis of the diet are protein foods, such as:
• Lean meat and fish
• Liver
• Soy products
• Natural yoghurt 0% fat (2 bottles per day)
• Eggs (2 per week)
• cheese (100 g per week)

Vegetables and fruits are best consumed in fresh form, but it is permissible steam and boiled dishes.

Preferred products
• Squash
• Cucumber
• Tomatoes
• Eggplant
• peppers
• beans and peas
• Pumpkin
• Greens
• Mushrooms
• Carrots and beets (they are best eaten raw)
• Apples
• Onions and garlic (after heat treatment)
• Persimmon
• Pears
• Apricots
• Kiwi
• Citrus
• Pineapple

Mukhin warns that some vegetables and fruits increase appetite – it is better to eliminate from the diet.

During the diet is supposed to drink 1,5-2 liters of fluid. Liquid diet includes:
• Sparkling water
• Juice
• fruit Drinks
• Tea and coffee

Sugar is eliminated completely, but you can use sugar substitutes, and sweets based on them.

Excluded products

the Exception are:
• meat products (sausages, sausages, etc.)
• Semi-finished products
• shrimp
• Sweet and fatty yoghurt and cheese
• Bread and pasta
• Cereals (buckwheat, oats, rice, wheat)
• Corn
• Pastries

Sample menu diet by Dr. Mukhina

Breakfast is between 9.00 and 10.00, lunch 12.00 better after (but to 14.00) and dinner should be completed before 18.00.

Option # 1

• Breakfast: 50 g of lean meat or fish with vegetable salad (you can fill as vegetable oil, and sour cream), and coffee or tea with Splenda and low-fat milk
• Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled fish (150 g), grilled vegetables (200 g)
• Dinner: vegetables or fruit (they cannot be mixed) 200 g
• After 18.00: unsweetened tea, drinkable yogurt or kefir

Option # 2

• Breakfast: seafood (50 g), vegetables (200 g), unsweetened coffee or tea
• Lunch: boiled chicken without skin (150g), vegetable salad (200 g)
• Dinner: vegetables or fruit (they cannot be mixed) 200 g
• After 18.00: unsweetened tea, drinkable yogurt or kefir

Snacks can not arrange. If open until 18.00 not, you will have to limit ourselves to low-fat fermented milk beverage or unsweetened tea


to Observe this meal plan is throughout the month. Reviews on the diet differ significantly. Some say that without the use of earrings of high results was not achieved, while others claim that in a month diet Mukhina without the earrings were gone 5-10 pounds overweight (depending on initial performance). As you can see, everything is strictly individually.