Uncindery diet before colonoscopy

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What is a colonoscopy?

colonoscopy is a diagnostic medical procedure that allows using a special probe to identify possible pathology (polyps, ulcers, etc.) of the inner surface of the colon. Also, this method is used for biopsy and removal of entities.

Diet before colonoscopy

uncindery diet is recommended to go for a couple of days before the scheduled date.

excluded From the diet:
• Berries, and vegetables
• Greens
• Mushrooms
• Legumes
• brown bread
• Any other foods that cause bloating

In the list of allowed foods are:
• Soups
• Semolina
• Egg
• Lean meat and fish (boiled)
• Cooked sausage, cheese
• Dairy products (except cheese)
• Fats (butter and vegetable oil)

on the Eve of the procedure and the date of its implementation can be consumed only liquids (boiled water, broth, teas).

The preparatory phase

the day Before the procedure (14-15 hours) you need to take 30-40 grams (2 tablespoons) of castor oil. To avoid discomfort oil can be mixed with a half Cup of yogurt.

Instead of castor oil are allowed to use magnesium sulfate (30% solution – 150 ml).

In case of intolerance to the above drugs prescribed Pursennid or Bisacodyl — reception of such funds is carried out at 12.00 (before the colonoscopy).

After a bowel movement do two enemas (1.5 liters of liquid at room temperature). the purification procedure is carried out at 20.00 and 21.00.

on the Morning of the procedure (at 8.00 and 9.00), make 2 more enemas to "clean water" (for some this is enough one procedure).

Fasting before the colonoscopy is not necessary – it is permissible to drink broth, tea, juice, mineral water.

During the preparation for the procedure there is no need to refuse medication fall under the ban, only charcoal and iron preparations.

If the colon cleanse enema is not available (it is contraindicated in inflammation of the rectum, presence of fissures or bleeding hemorrhoids) then you can use the following medicines.


It is used on the eve of the examination (starting from 15.00). Or every hour drink a glass diluted with water funds, or just drink half the money, and the rest taken in the morning, 3-4 hours before procedure.


This tool allows you to effectively cleanse the intestines and prepare for endoscopic examination. 200 ml of the drug diluted in 2 l of water. Take the drug before your procedure, a couple of hours after lunch. All of the normal drink for three hours, dividing into equal portions.


Diet before colonoscopy helps to relieve the digestive tract. Supplementing the program with enemas, and the doctor recommended laxatives can be optimally clean the intestines and markedly increase the efficiency of the survey.