Besliste diet Arnold Area

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The main idea of the author

Besliste diet Arnold Area aimed at changing the composition of blood, cell renewal, cleansing the body, normalization of weight.

In his book the author tries to prove that man should not eat meat – we are more physiologically adapted to eat fruit.

as an example the author gives cow that gives milk is an animal no one is trying to drink milk, as good milk yield the cow enough grass. Why people, increasing meat tends to eat meat?

He derides the theory of the updates of the cellular composition by eating protein foods (particularly meat). Eret warns athletes against the use of huge quantities of protein.

Partially decayed meat subjected to thermal treatment leads to the accumulation in the body of mucus and toxins. The gradual accumulation of mucus gives rise to many diseases and ultimately accelerate death.

the Author argues that the human intestines (even if regular) adds at least 5-10 pounds of weight. Clearing it is possible to ensure that the fruit will accumulate high energy and bring a man with incredible stamina.

the Main nourishment of human blood is carbon hydrate – wine or fruit sugar, called glucose.

most of this substance is found in fresh fruits (the author also proposes to enter into the diet of leafy vegetables, even though they of glucose is much less). These products are the basis besliste diet. Ideally, it should be based on the same kind of fruit (according to season).

Arnold eret: nutrition advice

the author of the diet believes a hearty Breakfast is the biggest mistake people seeking to maintain health. In his opinion, the mere waiver of the first meal improves health. Another mistake people the use of liquid during meals.

Food should be as simple as possible. In support of its theory, the author again mentions the world of animals – no animals (except domesticated) not eating multiple diverse products, and washes down each bite of food with water.

The most harmful products besliste diet Arnold Area

1 .All types of meat

Meat is in a stage of decomposition. After drinking it "rewards" us cadaver poisons, uric acid and mucus.

2. Fats

According to Area, any kind of fat for the human body.

3. Eggs

Eggs are worse than meat – they contain a lot of protein and contribute to the delay of feces in the intestine.

4. Milk

cows Milk is full of protein and fat that causes substantial harm (again, according to the author).

5. Cereals

Any cereals and products made from flour to form mucus and acid. Worst of all – wheat flour. Relatively safe can be considered branny, whole wheat and rye bread. From cereals to more dangerous figure.


the Theory of Area more than controversial, though it has fans. Reviews on the diet cannot be called enthusiastic.