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Helpful information

Anisimova is a leading nutritionist on the Internet resource valdimorov.Russia (here you can order a diet). Elena works with each client individually. She helps her patients to identify the cause of obesity and based on the obtained pattern is individual nutrition program. Nutritionist support their patients to achieve the desired result. To speak of a single diet cannot, however, there are General points that the dietician is pleased to share with everyone. If you listen to these recommendations, it is quite possible that an individual diet to pay will not have to.

Drinking regime

Elena Anisimova recommends some time before a meal drink 1 tbsp. of water. This allows you to control your appetite. Remember that cold water can lead to weight gain. Low temperature fluid contributes to the fact that the residence time of food in the stomach is reduced by approximately 20 minutes – kom poorly digested food enters the intestine, and the person again wants to eat.

Another important point: a nutritionist advises not to buy water in plastic. Boiled liquid or prefer water, packaged in glass containers. In any case, do not get carried away with the soda – it is bad for the digestive system, helps bloating, destroys tooth enamel. If the lack of taste let your desire to drink enough liquid, just add water a little citrus juice.

Intake of calories

Anisimova is not advised to cut back on excessive caloric intake. Energy value of daily food rations should not be below 1200 calories. Nutritionist recommends to achieve fat burning not only by reducing the number of calories, but through sport. For example, to lose throughout the week, 500 grams of fat you can, if you will daily cut calorie meal at 200 calories and expend 300 kcal in the gym. Calories need to be calculated taking into account individual factors (level of physical activity, age, gender, etc.). Conveniently for these purposes to use the online calculators.

the diet should include all nutrients. Preferred sources of protein are eggs, dairy products, meat and fish. In any case it is not necessary to completely abandon fat throughout the day need to obtain 75 g of the substance (need both vegetable and animal fats). In compiling the diet the nutritionist advises to adhere to the principles of separation of power (carbohydrates incompatible with the protein).

dieticians recommend their patients not to abandon Breakfast during the morning of the meal you should get 350-400 kcal. The energy value of the lunch 450-500 calories. Day Anisimov advises necessary to eat green vegetables (as one component of the meal). At lunch and dinner and distributed the remaining number of calories.

Recipes for healthy drinks

Anisimova advises to drink not only water, but also healthy drinks. We offer to your attention a few recipes.

Ginger drink

the drink tones up, purifies blood vessels, thins the blood, increases brain activity. It improves digestion and helps burn fat.

Bring to boil 1 liter of water, put 3 tbsp of grated ginger root. After 2-3 minutes after boiling, strain the drink, add a pinch of red pepper. Squeeze the juice of a lemon, add to the drink. When it cools down to 40 degrees, sweeten with honey (2-3 tbsp.).

Beverage from sea buckthorn berries

These bright berries contain unsaturated fatty acids, pectin, and a wide range of vitamins. Drink on their basis increases defenses, increases the energy level of the body, supports female beauty (this is very important during dieting), helps to cope with stress.

To prepare the drink wash 150 g of sea buckthorn berries. Most of them scrunch, leave the rest intact. Move all ingredients into the teapot, pour boiling water (500 ml), cover, let stand. Drink with honey. When brewed beverage may additionally use the tea leaves (they will have a tonic effect). The norm of tea (based on the specified amount of berries) – 1-2 tbsp


Individually composed diet Elena Anisimova, judging by the most part of the reviews, really helps to lose weight (even in the presence of obesity-related diseases). There are also those who diet to disappoint you.