Simple diet

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Simple diet not confusing obscure references and complicated recipes. A number of easy techniques of losing weight, we bring to your attention.

The first option is simple diets for weight loss

Adhering to this diet, before each meal is to drink 250-500 ml of non-carbonated water (you can use thawed water – it is completely devoid of harmful impurities). Please note: snacks are also considered a full meal, so before you eat a sandwich or cookie to fill the stomach "Reviver".

the Gap between food and water should be 15-20 minutes. After the meal have to give up any of the liquid to 1.5-2 hours. Daily volume of free fluid is 2-3 liters (in the absence of contraindications that are possible when problems with the cardiovascular system and kidneys).

in Addition to increased drinking regime, you will be required and revision of food priorities. It is necessary to replace high-calorie foods, less nutritious (e.g., fatty pork must give way to the chicken, roasted potatoes and vegetable garnish, pastries – app liver, etc.).

it is Interesting that such a diet provides excellent results: within a couple weeks you can lose up to 10 pounds overweight. Explained quite simply – the fluid that fills the stomach, reduces appetite and therefore, calorie daily diet falls (the energy value is reduced due to the replacement products to useful analogues).

The second option is a simple diet

the Second variant also differs enviable simplicity. All you need is a complete rejection of any food after 18.00. It is seen that such adjustment of the power mode provides a stable weight loss. However the pace of weight loss is not impressive in a week you will lose between 500 g to 1 kg (with a large excess weight, fat will be burned faster: it takes an average of 1-3 kg a week). The rate of weight loss can significantly increase if you exercise and restrict calorie evening meal (for example, if you replace a meat dish vegetable salad).

The simple diet

This option is easy to perform, but to withstand severe caloric restriction under force far not to everyone. For seven days, you won't have to cook complex dishes – to eat only vegetables and fruit. The optimal plant food norm: 1,5-2 kg. Fruit is better to choose, focusing on skin type. If it is dry, it is ideal for sweet and juicy fruit, with oily skin prefer fruits and berries with an astringent sweet-sour taste. Happy owners of normal skin can not afford any assortment of fruits and berries.

Eat a plant-based diet better fresh, but if the "raw diet" pretty spoils the mood, the vegetables (fruits) can be cooked on the grill or in the oven. Also it is quite possible to steam cook food. Expand menu of vegetable or fruit salad. Fats, sugar and salt either excluded completely or limited to the maximum.

Valid salads with a small amount of unrefined vegetable oils. In the morning drink (coffee, tea) you can add a spoon of sugar (better to replace sugar with honey). The waste rate of salt (if you cannot abandon it completely) should limit to 3-4 Drinks, besides tea, coffee and water, fresh juices.

Simple diet for quick weight loss – the dream of every person who wants to lose weight. To choose the right technique you can – we all have our own likes and preferences.