Fasting day on chicken breast

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Rules of carrying out unloading

Discharge can be carried out on just one meat, a few products (meat in this case be given the main role). It is desirable in these days to give up salt, sugar eliminated completely, it is not necessary to use the fat (a small amount of vegetable oil – 1-2 tsp). To devote unloading need 1-2 days a week. The mandatory condition is to drink plenty of fluid helps to remove decay products. Priority is water, but also allowed herbal teas (several days of fasting there are natural juices – they are recommended to be diluted with water). Before unloading and after it should reduce the number of calories consumed (this will prepare the body for unloading, and then returning the stomach to normal operation). 1 day unloading takes on average 0.5-0.7 kg, but this figure may change.

Mono-days (meat broth)

Wash about 500 g of white meat without the skin, cover with cold water, bring to a boil and pour the broth. Again pour cold water and put the meat on to cook, adding to the flavor of raw onion, Bay leaf, pepper peas (some consider unwanted flavors). If you want to increase the value of the broth, put the vegetables. Appeal to the court of carrots, celery (stem, root), broccoli, leeks. Remove the cooked meat from the broth can be seasoned with natural spices (dried garlic, paprika). Sieve the broth, removing vegetables.

Unloading you can spend in different ways. The first option – during the day drink only the broth (3 tbsp) and water (4-5 tbsp.), and save the meat for the meal for the household. Another option – meat, divide into 5 parts and eat throughout the day. In between meals drink soup and water or tea without sugar. The last option – the broth leave for tomorrow, and eat meat throughout the day (drink water, tea). If you chose the option of discharge without the broth, I boiled chicken and steamed or baked with no fat.

Chicken breast and a grapefruit

This fasting day is based on the combination of meat and citrus. Throughout the day, eat 2 servings of cooked meat 100-150 grams, drink about 500 ml, diluted with water grapefruit juice and eat 1-1.5 fruit grapefruit (split into several parts).

Chicken breast and vegetables

throughout the day eat about 500 grams of cooked or fresh non-starchy vegetables (you can replace them with cabbage). Complement the diet with portion of boiled chicken fillet (200-250 g). Power fractional. Intake of water – 2 liters.

Chicken breast and fat-free yogurt

throughout the day, eat 3 servings of cooked fillets (1 serving — 80 g). Drink 3-4 glass of nonfat kefir. Some prefer drinking yogurt, and tomato juice.


these chicken breast has good reviews – it is usually well tolerated and not accompanied by a strong feeling of hunger.