Diet for mastitis

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How justified diet for fibrocystic breast? Based on the observations of doctors, change of diet in this disease is really necessary – correct the diet by 30-50% increases the effectiveness of the therapy.

Helpful information

Mastopathy or fibrocystic disease is dishormonal disease of the mammary glands accompanied by growth of glandular and connective tissue, the formation of seals, the formation of cysts.

the Disease occurs in women of all ages, but most often it develops between 30 to 50 years. From the clinical point of view, the breast is divided into nodular and diffuse.

Despite the large Arsenal of tools to fully recover from mastitis of the breast is practically impossible – periodically relapse. Correct the diet in some way allows you to prevent them.

Important recommendations

When fibrocystic mastopathy is extremely important to avoid stressful situations and lack of sleep – patients needed complete rest. Daily supposed to drink a half liter of carbonated water. You need to eat 4-5 times a day. Temperature of serving dishes — comfortable warm.

Wanting to get rid of problems is to abandon the addictions: Smoking, use of alcoholic beverages.

Along with the change in diet is recommended a bowel disease, as well as the use of immunomodulators, chelators and probiotics (products that support the normal microflora of the intestine).

the physician in the treatment plan may include enzymes, vitamins (A, E), minerals (magnesium, selenium, zinc).

it is Very important to sexual life were regular and harmonious.
Useful adequate physical activity.

you Should avoid exposure to harmful physical and chemical factors, as well as long exposure to the sun.

Advice on nutrition in mastitis

the Exception are:
• Fatty meats
• strong brewed black tea
• Pastries
• Denatured cereals
• Sweets
• Canned fruits and vegetables
• hot sauces
• Sauces for meat, mushroom, fish broth
• Pepper, horseradish, mustard
• Smoked pickles
• fish ROE
• Cream, heavy cream
• Refractory fat, melted butter
• Soups to meat, fish, mushroom broth
• Chocolate products with cream, ice cream

When mastitis breast the basis of the diet should be:
• Milk products: kefir, sour milk and yogurt (300-500 ml per day), low-fat cottage cheese (200 g per day)
• Eggs (quail, chicken), boiled or scrambled eggs
• Leafy vegetables
• Fresh, boiled, roasted, dried fruits, berries and vegetables (especially useful citrus fruits, dried apricots, raisins, rose hips, carrots, garlic, beans, potatoes)
• Products of bran
• Vegetable oil
• Cereals (brown rice, oats, buckwheat, etc.)
• Iodine foods (sea fish, mussels, seaweed, iodized salt)
• Rye bread yesterday's baking or dried
• Lean meats (beef, chicken, rabbit, Turkey), boiled (after boiling the meat can be baked)
• low-fat ham, diet sausages
• Fish (lean species) — with prior boiling
• Fats: butter in its natural form and cooking oil (sunflower, olive, corn, etc.)
• Soups: dairy, vegetable broth (with cereals), fruit
• soup and Soup (vegetarian)
• Sweets: jelly, jelly, mousse, meringue, honey, jam, levulose, milk sugar
• spices and seasonings: cinnamon, dill, parsley, vanillin
• Drink: still mineral water, teas (herbal, green, white, lemon), fruit, vegetable and berry juices, broth hips.


Diet in mastitis, according to the opinion of many women was indeed significantly accelerates the healing process. This fact is confirmed by the doctors.