Protein fasting day

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On the role of protein

Protein is essential for growth and tissue repair. It contributes to the destruction of toxins, provides energy. This element is the active oxygen carrier. In the absence of protein deficiency as fully disclosed useful functions of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins.

Inadequate intake of protein leads to disruption of the liver, brain and other organs and systems.

Protein helps to lose weight – this fact is confirmed by nutritionists. The fact that the digestion of protein requires a certain amount of energy. Moreover, proteins provide rapid and long-lasting saturation (this allows you to reduce calorie daily diet).

Protein fasting day (options menu):

1. Fasting day on meat

the basis of the diet is lean meat (chicken, beef) boiled. Daily rate (350 g) to be distributed into 4 portions.

to Supplement the diet can be a glass of low-fat yogurt (it is recommended to drink at night), as well as tea and carbonated water. Salt and sugar should not be used.

2. Protein diet to fish

This discharge is considered to be the most useful – the fact that the fish contains high quality protein, but also omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids are necessary for our body.

the Daily rate of fish – 400 g, is to eat 4-5 times a day. Welcome the following varieties: cod, walleye, perch, pike, bream.

to Supplement the diet can tea with milk (500 ml) and rosehip tea (500 ml). Don't forget about the non-carbonated water.

3. Fasting day on kefir

This option is discharge effectively cleanses the body and restores intestinal flora.

during the day you need to drink 1-1.5 l low-fat yogurt. In addition to yogurt you can drink water without gas.

4. Protein fasting day for cheese

During the fasting day you're supposed to eat 600 g of cottage cheese minimal fat and 60 grams of sour cream. You need to eat 4-6 times a day.

you can Drink water without gas, coffee with milk (no sugar), broth hips (500 ml).

5. Fasting day on yogurt and cottage cheese

the Daily menu includes 300-400 g low-fat cottage cheese 3 cups of yogurt. Water can be drunk without restrictions.

6. Protein fasting day on cheese, cheese and egg

This option is offloading clearly reglamentary meals.

• Breakfast: 80 to 100g of low-fat cheese and a Cup of coffee with milk or a Cup of tea with 1 tsp honey
• Dinner: eggs, boiled soft-boiled (2 pieces) and a Cup of tea
• Dinner: tea and 150-200 g of low-fat cheese

In the intervals between meals should drink water.

7. Fasting day on milk

Milk should be paricipating and use it in the form of heat. The daily rate of milk – 1.5 l

8. Protein diet to sour cream

Menu handling of the day include:
• low-fat sour cream – 400-500 g
• Coffee or tea with milk
• Water

Eat cream need 5 times a day, dividing into equal portions.

9. Fasting day cream

throughout the day you should drink 500 ml of fresh cream and to drink 500 ml of broth hips.


Protein fasting day, judging by the reviews, to withstand relatively simple (proteins are well saturated). However, everything depends on diet. Weight loss in one day of discharge is 0.3-1 kg.