Diet to start the metabolism

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General principles of diet

Diet is designed to start up metabolism is based on the principle of alternation. The number of calories consumed is changing, resembling a roller coaster. One of these days you're supposed to eat modestly, and the other quite full. Which occurs due to correction of metabolic processes? The recovery is due to the fact that the body does not have time to adapt to such a power circuit and go into economy mode – he is forced to maintain an optimal rate of metabolic processes. This also contributes to the correct set of products.

The principles of nutrition

How to make a diet to start the metabolism? In the first place will have to take care that the diet was fractional – nutritionists recommend eating 5-6 times a day. This scheme has a positive effect on metabolic processes. In the days dedicated to the "hungry" mode, the caloric intake should be calculated individually: the optimum amount of calories (this figure is calculated according to the formula – convenient to use online calculator) and subtract about 300 calories.

Every meal to 16:00 should contain complex carbohydrates: cereals, cooked in water, all kinds of vegetables. To 14.00 you can Supplement the diet with fruits. Turn protein comes after 16.00. At this time you need to eat beef, fish, seafood, cheese, and egg whites. Cheese can be combined with vanilla and cinnamon, but no more seasonings can be used. Note that yogurt and milk can enter the menu of the first half of the day. We should not forget about fats. Daily you should eat 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil. Keep in mind that some fat will come with food, dairy products, meat, etc.

Empty calories you will have to exclude – you cannot eat sweets, sweet pastries, pasta, fast food, convenience food, etc. In the category of unwelcome fall all products, appetite stimulant (caffeine drinks, spicy seasonings, etc.).

To maintain metabolic processes, it is recommended to include in the diet Supplement with seaweed (a complete source of iodine). In any case, you can't miss Breakfast – the first meal should take place no later than 1-1.5 after waking up. Diet needs to support sports – they also trigger metabolic processes. You should train 3-4 times a week. Another important point: every day you should drink not less than 1.5-2 liters of clean water – life-giving moisture affects the metabolic processes occurring in our body.

As already mentioned, the diet is based on the alternation of caloric content. On the "decline" calorie count lower than "rise". Nutrition should not be carried away by high-calorie and unhealthy foods – the diet should include healthy, organic food. Instead of skim milk cheese you can afford the product average fat content, it is permissible to add the cream and a spoonful of honey. It is advisable to practice such a method of increasing the amount of calories (not at the expense of increasing the size of the portions).

Sample menu

Before each meal: water
Breakfast: serving of oatmeal and a banana
lunch: ryvita and an Apple
Lunch: portion brown rice, vegetable salad
afternoon Snack: fruit and a little nuts
Dinner: seafood (300 g)


Diet to start the metabolism quite easily tolerated, and "ripped" the diet allows you to relax.