Diet for 10 days "Minus 10 kg"

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Despite the fact that the diet promises the loss that is 10 pounds overweight, the result may be different. If excess weight is relatively small, then after the diet you will lose slightly less (5-7 kg). Very obese people will easily part with 8-10 kg.

Diet for 10 days minus 10 kg

Below we offer a few options for a ten-day diet. Before practical use of any of them, please consult your physician.

Protein-carbohydrate diet for weight loss in 10 days

• Day # 1: a hard-boiled egg (5 PCs) – they need to eat every 2 hours (from 10.00 to 18.00)
• Day # 2: steamed or boiled fish (to eat fish 5 times a day to saturation, salt cannot be used)
• Day # 3: chicken fillet without skin (to eat chicken can be boiled 5 times a day to saturation, salt cannot be used)
• Day # 4: welded in a peel potatoes (from 10.00 to 18.00 every 2 hours for 1 piece)
• Day # 5: lean ham (every 2 hours from 10.00 to 18.00 100 g)
• Day # 6: sweet and sour fruit (5 times a day to saturation)
• Day # 7: non-starchy vegetables (5 times a day to saturation)
• Day # 8: low-fat cottage cheese (5 times a day 100 g)
• Day # 9: low-fat yogurt (5 times a day for 250 ml)
• Day # 10: a decoction of the hips

During the diet should drink lots of still water – the liquid will cleanse the body, and at the same time will help to dull the feeling of hunger. Sugar and condiments not allowed.

Ten-day cabbage diet for weight loss 10 kg

There are several types of cabbage (Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, cauliflower, red, etc.). For more suitable diet all cabbage (fresh and sauerkraut). For reference: calorie fresh cabbage is 26 kcal/100 g, and sauerkraut – 19 kcal/100 g.

ten day diet Cabbage belongs to the category of hard of methods of weight loss. The basis of the diet is cabbage, additional nutrients are fruits and protein foods (lean fish, meat, eggs, yogurt).

as a bite use cabbage leaves (they well suppress hunger).

you can Drink water without gas — not less than 1.3 l per day. A special role is given to green tea – studies show that a healthy drink to a certain extent, promotes the burning of fatty tissue.

Due to the bioactive compounds in the tea increases the rate of metabolism and also prevents the destruction of collagen molecules (they support skin elasticity).

In the morning it is recommended to drink unsweetened coffee – refreshing drink speeds up the metabolism by 1-4%.

the Diet limits the intake of salt and sugar. Salt retains fluid in the body, which prevents to get rid of extra pounds.

all 10 days completely exclude flour products, sweets, and alcohol.

repeat diet can be no more often than every 3 months (it is even better to take a break for six months).

Sample menu

• Breakfast: coffee or green tea
• Snacks: fresh or pickled cabbage
• Lunch: cabbage salad with vegetable oil and herbs, boiled beef or fish (200 g)
• Dinner: chicken or quail egg (1/2 or 1 item, respectively), coleslaw, sour-sweet fruit
• 2 hours before sleeping: 250 ml of kefir

Instead of coleslaw, you can use cabbage soup.

Recipe of cabbage soup

• Potatoes — 5 PCs.
• celery Stalks — 4 PCs.
• Onions — 5 PCs.
• Fresh tomatoes — 2 PCs.
• Yellow or green bell pepper — 2 PCs.
• cabbage – 500 g

Vegetables are cleaned, cut, pour cold water and cook until tender, adding a small amount of vegetable oil. The soup is seasoned with finely chopped greens. Pickle dish is not.

Right out of the diet

to store the result of a ten-day diet, after its completion is very gradually broaden the range of dishes. Dinner needs to be modest in priority with lean protein and non-starchy vegetables.

specifically excludes confectionery, alcohol, animal fat, and any fatty or fried food, smoked food, pickles, marinades. Sugar and salt should be consumed in limited quantities.

After a couple of weeks a modest diet you can gradually return to your normal diet (but without any frills). To maintain the result once a week is recommended to offload. It is also highly desirable to engage in sports.


Judging by the reviews, both the first and the second option is a ten day diet leads to the expected result, namely, the loss of some excess fat. Please note: if after completing a hard food plan not to comply with the restrictions, the weight quickly returns to previous levels.