Diet for children 12 years

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Highlights diet for a teenager 12 years

If you are over weight to expert advice is still necessary. First of all, you need to find out the cause that led to the development of the problem. In most cases, this lack of systematic physical exertion and passion, "wrong" food (crackers, chips, etc.). Sometimes the problem develops on the background of hormonal changes.

to Solve the problem of excess weight helps a range of measures: diet and sport. The difficulty lies in the psychological background of the problem: children are equally sensitive, and the ridicule of classmates and the need to give up certain "benefits": favorite food, chatting over a computer.

Another complication of the diet is that the child's body needs all the nutrients. It is absolutely unacceptable to just give up butter, cheese and fatty fish. You can only cut the share of some products and find a decent alternative to another.

you need to Eat 4-5 times a day. The share of the first Breakfast should account for 25-30% of the total diet, second Breakfast — 10-15%, lunch — 40-45%, dinner – 15-20%.

Breakfast and lunch must provide the child's body energy (carbohydrates), proteins (the basic building blocks of our body), essential fatty acids (without them it is impossible to absorb certain vitamins). Dinner, as in the adult diet should be light – it is useful to eat porridge and vegetable dishes.

the diet of a child of twelve years must be unsweetened dairy products (they are necessary for the normalization of intestinal microflora) and unsweetened homemade juices (natural juices – a good vitamin Supplement).

it is Extremely important to between meals was not a big break is to eat at intervals of 2-3 hours, and before bedtime is recommended to drink kefir, or eat any of the fruit.

Cakes it is better to limit, replacing it with protein bread (it is well suppresses appetite and provides an inventory of proteins). It is impossible to refuse from eating meat (fish, poultry), eggs, seafood.

When cooking can be used such methods of cooking, like boiling, stewing, steaming, baking (roasting should be excluded). Fasting days at this age, not usually exercised.

Rules diet

the Diet for teenagers 12 years of age must have an optimal calorific value – this figure depends on different factors, including your baby's gender.

the Average rate for girls 2600 kcal (90 g of protein and fat, and 360 grams of carbohydrates). The average rate for boys: 3000 kcal (98 g protein, 100 g fat, 425 grams of carbohydrates). The exact calorie content will help you to calculate the expert.

To the child gradually and safe for the body get rid of excess weight, the calculated calorie need to reduce some (not more than 20%), while simultaneously increasing physical activity.

Cuts the caloric content is due to the refusal of sweet and significant restrictions on the proportion of fat. The normal protein should be slightly increased.

Sample menu for children 12 years

• the First Breakfast: scrambled eggs steam, salad with carrots, dressed with low-fat sour cream, a slice of rye bread, tea with milk
• Second Breakfast: tea, a sandwich with a slice of cheese
• Dinner: portion of vegetable soup, a piece of boiled meat with garnish, juice
• Dinner: steamed vegetables and Apple jelly
• Before bed: low fat yogurt


Diet for children twelve years of benefits if she was offered specialist. Ill a change in diet can make a rift in the metabolic processes of an organism of the child.